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This article  
This article  

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This article Originally by Frontalot at Linkstationwiki.org

Power LED

solid green System on (normal).
blinks green System booting (until ppc_uartd starts) or flash memory write in progress.
slowly blinks green Sleep timer enabled.

Link/Activity LED

solid orange 10Mbps connection.
solid green 100Mbps connection.

Disk Full LED

solid red Hard drive full.
blinks red Flash memory write in progress.

Diagnostic LED

blinks red Flash memory write in progress.
blinks red 3 times /dev/hda3 not mounted to /mnt error (non-critical).
blinks red 4 times Cooling fan error (critical, system shutdown).
blinks red 5 times Flash memory error (critical, system powers off).
blinks red 6 times Hard drive or ppc_uartd error (critical, system shutdown).
blinks red 7 times RAM, NIC, or HDD controller error (critical, system shutdown).

Most of this information courtesy of http://www.yamasita.jp/linkstation.en/index.html.