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TeraStation Pro Mainboard
TeraStation Pro Innards
TeraStation Pro Innards

In the TeraStaion Pro mainboard you will find the following chips:

  • Freescale MPC8241LVR266D (IC15)
    • System on a Chip, main processor
    • 266MHz MPC603e PowerPC core
    • 133MHz memory controller EDO/SDRAM
    • 32bit 33/66MHz PCI v2.2
    • I2C interface
    • JTAG
    • Dual serial ports
  • Micron MT48LC16M16A2TG-75D (IC8, IC16, IC?, IC?)
    • 4 x 4M x 16bit x 4banks = 4x 256Mbit = 128MB RAM
    • two more on the back of the mainboard
  • unknown flash chip on the back of the mainboard
  • Silicon Image SerialLink SiI3512ECTU128 (IC1, IC2)
    • two 2-Port PCI SATA Host Controller
    • four S-ATA ports
  • Realtek RTL8110S-32 (IC13)
    • Gigabit ethernet controller
    • Unshielded RJ45 port
  • NEC D720101GJ (IC5)
    • USB2.0 host controller, EHCI and OHCI interface
    • Two USB Type-A connectors, at the back
  • NEC D78F0511 (IC14)
    • 8-bit ALL Flash MCU (microcontoller)
  • some more small chips, with unreadable labels

Notworth is the connector J1 (top right in the image) where a serial port (Tx, Rx, Vcc, GND) is exposed.

CN3 appears to be a JTAG debugging port.

CN4, at the same location, likely connects to the 8bit NEC MCU (IC14) and exposes this signals: GND, VDD, CLK, RESET-, TXD, RXD, FLMDO, NC.

J1 should give you access to the primary serial port, most likely at v3.3 signal levels.

The regular TeraStation was equiped with a normal micro-ATX powersupply and has an ATX powerconnector on the mainboard. For the Pro this have been replaced by a custom powersupply with an proprietary connector (lower right, CN13).

The resetbutton has not been populated, but it's functionality is most likely provided by the LCD pannel. The LCD pannel is connected via CN? a 15 (or 16) pin connector on the bottom right edge.

The 3 pin connector next to it looks like a regular fan connector and most likely controlls the system fan.

The big 8pin connector CN16 provieds power to the harddisks.

Special thanks go to User:MikeSchinkel for providing my with 30 images of his TSpro internals, what allowed me to do this writeup.

--Bg 16:02, 28 May 2006 (CEST)