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Fedora Core 5 is available for the Kuro Box and Kuro Box HG. It is necessary to have U-Boot flashed onto your Kuro Box. This is because the version of glibc used in FC5 does not support the Linux 2.4 kernel. It may be possible to run FC5 on non U-Boot Kuro Boxes but this would require two partitions.

Parts of this HOWTO have been copied from the Project Gentoo Install HOWTO since the beginning part is the same. Just wanted to make sure I gave credit.

Install U-Boot

The first step of installing Fedora Core 5 is to get U-Boot installed. Warning: You can brick your Kuro Box if you do this wrong! Please follow the steps in the HOWTO U-Boot article very carefully.

Preparing for Install

Start by using any FTP client to upload EM_mode_binaries.tar.bz2 (you can download it from to /tmp on the Kuro (hint: Windows may change the extension of the file when you download it from the internet). Then login to your Kuro Box using a telnet client

Kroutoshikou KURO-BOX (IETSUNA) 
kernel 2.4.17-kuro-box on ppc 
KURO-BOX-EM login: root 
Password: kuro (kuroadmin on HG)

Lets see what we've got

# df
Filesystem 1k-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/ram0 9677 5102 4575 53% /  
# ls /tmp

Install EM mode utilities

Change to the root and untar the binaries.

# cd / 
# tar xvzf /tmp/EM_mode_binaries.tar.gz 
bin/sfdisk bin/fdisk bin/bzip2 bin/date bin/chroot #

Check and set the date.

# date 
Fri Feb 1 12:37:03 JST 2006 
# date 02032238 
Thu Feb 3 22:38:00 JST 2006

=== Partitioning