Install a JTAG Port

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This page will contain instructions for installing a jtag header in all of the linkstations and terastations.

Signal MIPS (LS2) Pin PPC Pin Notes
nTRST 1 - 1
TDI 3 3 -
TDO 5 1 2
TCK 9 7 -
TMS 7 9 -
Ground 2 16 -
Power 14 6 3, 4

Notes: 1. For the MIPS devices (LS2), this pin must be pulled high if not controlled by the JTAG cable. Tie pin 14 to pin 1 with a 1K resistor.

2. For the MIPS devices (LS2), Series Resistor R64 not was not installed - Installed 330 ohm resistor. any value between 100 ohms and 1K will work.

3. for the MIPS devices (LS2), Series resistor R181 and decoupling capacitor C35 not installed. - Bridged R181, didn't install C35.

4. For the PPC devices we use this pin to supple power to the buffer chip in the JTAG Cable. The series resistor must be bridged. Bridge R67 on the Kuro, Kuro HG, LS1, and LS-HG. Bridge R370 on the Terastation.