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  <font color="red">apt-get install g++</font>
  <font color="red">apt-get install g++</font>

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1. Log in to the LinkStation and su to root.

2. Install webget, GNU C compiler, bzip, deborphan, localepurge, logrotate, automatic script builder, unzip, zip, automatic makefile, autotools, GNU C library, libtools, and debfoster. Use the command:

apt-get install wget gcc bzip2 deborphan localepurge logrotate autoconf unzip zip automake autotools-dev libc6-dev libtool debfoster

3. Webget allows you to download files from the Internet without the use of a web browser. Use:

wget http://the.url/the.file

4. The GNU C compiler, GNU C library, libtools, automatic script builder, automatic makefile, and autotools allow you to compile programs directly on the Linkstation.

5. Bzip2, unzip, and zip are common compression/decompression formats.

6. Deborphan can be used to search for "orphaned" modules, ie, modules no longer required by anything. Use:


7. Localepurge automatically deletes locale files you haven't selected to keep. This can save a lot of hard drive space. During installation you will be prompted to select which locales to keep.

8. Logrotate will automatically rotate various logs on the Linkstation.

9. Debfoster ensures only wanted packages are installed and kept. This helps keep your system running cleanly.

10. You may also wish to install the GNU C++ compiler. Use the command:

apt-get install g++