Java 1.5: Debian Make and Install

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The purpose of this project is to create a Debian package of Java 1.5 so that it can be managed better than installing it manually.


  • Debian is already installed
  • Kurobox is accessible via FTP

Preparing the Kurobox for brewing Java 1.5

Must Haves


The the following packages may or may not be needed. BUT, if you don't install these, there will be butt loads of warnings / errors during the making of the Java 1.5 .deb package. I do recall when following the steps for creating a .deb package for Java 1.4.2 (see here), there were several warnings / errors as well. And for my purpose, it still worked fine. So if you are one of those that don't want to see a barrage of errors marching by on your console, install the packages in this section.

Install Key Packages

This will install some of the basic things to assist in making life a little easier when dealing with Debian.

  • Install Key Packages which can be found here