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This is an untested work in progress




Xlink Kai: Evolution VII lets you connect with other console users around the world, and play online games for free. XLink Kai: Evo VII tricks your console into thinking that the other users it is connecting to over the Internet, are actually part of a Local Area Network. This is the basis of system-link gaming, where friends would gather around in the same house and play over 2 or more consoles. With XLink Kai: Evo VII, you now have the option to test your skills out with anybody in the world.[1]


  • Supports Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, Gamecube, and PSP system-link / LAN enabled games.
  • 2 gaming modes (Messenger and Arena).
  • WinPCap-less.
  • Integrated chat in all areas.
  • No port-forwarding required on almost all network setups.
  • PC to PC and PC to XBox Dashboard voicechat using the SPEEX codec.
  • Extremely simple and global user-interface.
  • Auto-update on startup.
  • Multi-console compatible.
  • Compatible with wireless networks (not all wireless network setups).
  • Superior compression algorithms for less lag.
  • Support for university dorms and proxies such as Italian FastWeb ISP.
  • Trusted clan and tournament / ladder arenas.
  • Remote functionality through homebrew dashboards (XBMC - Using Xbox Media Center with the LinkStation)


From Precompiled Binary

It even may work on a LS2 (MIPSel) because binaries exist for both architectures. The only problem is that there is no static binary for the MIPSel.[2]
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