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This is an early work in progress ! Nothing more than progress information here for now !


You may know the Kuro-box HTTP interface that allow to manage many things like samba shares and many other things ! As I love these pages, I decided to make them running with Debian !


Legend : (P) = ported thing : It was existing before, but needed some modifications in CGI code or system files (N) = new feature : It's something new in the interface.

Things done

  • (P) Porting main http structure
  • (P) NTP synchronisation at startup if enabled (needs ntp and ntpdate)
  • (P) NTP cron job at a defined hour if enabled (needs cron)
  • (P) Network link stats in status page (need ethtool)
  • (N) HDD temperature information (need hddtemp)

Things to do, or not yet finished

  • (P) IP set to if no DHCP server found (and configured to run in DHCP) => seems not work yet :(
  • (P) USB drive handling (need udev & usbmount)
  • (P) Samba users management (need samba)
  • (P) Samba shares handling
  • (P) FTP management
  • (P) Automatic backup
  • (P) Kurobox sleep
  • (P) USB printer sharing
  • (N) Add a reboot menu
  • (N) Add some server applications configuration pages

Things that people would like to have

Feel free to add anything here (with no garantee it will be added)

Needed packages

For now, these packages are needed :

apt-get install hddtemp ntp ntpdate ethtool cron udev usbmount samba

Needed files

These files are needed for the http pages to work :

/etc/init.d/ntpdate (? not sure)
/etc/rc2.d/S10ntpdate (? not sure)(ln -s ../init.d/ntpdate S10ntpdate)

Scripts to write

There is some applications from melco that are written in C, and we have no acess to source ! Some scripts need to be rewritten as they can't work anymore in a 2.6 kernel, or because some applications are not working the same way than before !


Known actions

to be completed

Shell script

to be completed