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This is an early work in progress ! Still a lot of work to make this complete !


You may know the Kuro-box HTTP interface that allow to manage many things like samba shares and many other things ! As I love these pages, I decided to make them running with Debian !


Legend :
(P) = ported thing : It was existing before, but needed some modifications in CGI code or system files
(N) = new feature : It's something new in the interface.
(B) = bug fix : There are some bugs in the administartion pages/scripts, it's better to correct them !

Things done

  • (P) Porting main http structure
  • (P) IP set to if no DHCP server found (and configured to run in DHCP)
  • (P) NTP synchronisation at startup if enabled (needs ntp and ntpdate)
  • (P) NTP cron job at a defined hour if enabled (needs cron)
  • (P) Network link stats in status page (need ethtool)
  • (N) HDD temperature information (need hddtemp)
  • (P) Samba users management (need samba)
  • (B) There is an anoying bug about the workgroup setup not working => Using my scripts, i don't have this bug ...
  • (P) Samba shares handling (there are some problems about creating samba account ... To investigate)
  • (P) USB drive handling (need udev