Kurobox Media Ripper

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Kurobox Media Ripper


The KuroRipper is an addition to the Kurobox NAS system. It allows automatic copying of images,video and audio files from USB media such as USB keys, Compact FLASH, and SD cards. Also, it will rip entire audio CDs to mp3 format and, if avaialable will add the correct tags from the CDDB database to your Kurobox shares. Target directories, along with supported media types is all configurable in usr/local/bin/ripper.conf or from the webmin interface.

The Disk Full Led on your Kurobox will flash when ripping is in operation. It is safe to remove any USB adapters only when the Disk Full LED is not blinking.

Distribution Installation

Install the Media Ripper

Configuring Media Ripper

Via Webmin

Via Command Line

Additional tips

Install Wizd

Share the drives via Samba

To Do

  • Make hdparm spin the drive down
  • Allow the ripper to rip from Data CDs
  • Allow the ripper To rip DVD isos