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Goals of LCDKuro

This project is to add an LCD display device to the kurobox. The display will be used to provide useful information and a handy console for logging in with a keyboard.

The goals I have set for this project are

  • Provide the typical LCDProc functionality
  • Provide a small console with a LCD display and a keyboard that can be used for logging in and running command line commands


  • Crystalfontz CFA635-TMF LCD Display
  • USB Keyboard

I have chosen the crystalfontz CFA635-TMF (CFA635TMFKU1) for this project. It's a 20x4 display with a USB interface, has good support in LCDProc, has some nifty buttons that might prove useful and most of all, it looks cool. I am thinking I will install the display in a small box and attach it directly onto the keyboard or set it next to the keyboard. I ordered one through the crystalfontz web site ... it includes a USB cable with the proper connector. The total cost of $81.50 includes $9.00 for shipping. This seems a bit high, but considering the cool factor of the envisioned product, I can live with it.

I already own a USB keyboard I am going to use for this project - if you don't have one, I think they can be had for around $10.


Using a keyboard on the kurobox will require support (I think) in the kernel. This support is not provided in the regular kurobox kernels so a custom kernel will have to be built or possibly just a module.