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* <big>[[LS-Pro - chroot Arm Build Environment]]</big>
* <big>[[LS-Pro - chroot Arm Build Environment]]</big>
=Related Forum Topics=
=Related Forum Topics=
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LS-GL Custom Firmware Development
This wiki page is to document the work and progress in developing a custom firmware for the LS Pro (LS-GL) The goal of this page is to sort out the roadmap and accomplishments towards creating an OpenLink and FreeLink for the LS-GL. Though this page is mainly for developers, anyone is free to add their work.

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The methods and information described below are intended for advanced users. Much of the information has not been verified by the development team. As a result, all users must exercise caution when performing any of the described methods. Failure to do so may result in a bricked Linkstation.

Please fix and update these sections. Also, please correct any grammar and spelling errors. Thanks --- Jonli447

Using the Firmware Updater


Opened Firmwares

Telnet enabled firmware


Open Stock Firmware


Development Tools

GPL Kernel

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Other Development

chroot Arm Build Environment

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