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What is Links?

Links is a very basic text browser that some may find of useful for use with "opened" LinkStations. It is well suited for browsing directories of downloads (such as the wiki's Downloads dirs ). Some particular advantages are:

  • it is lightning fast, even on our sub-GHz boxes,
  • it is ideal for downloading files straight into your LS's non-shared directories: one can cd to the dir where one wishes to download to, and then use the download function to save the files or archives directly to that directory, rather than downloading the files to desktop computers's desktop, and dragging and dropping (or copying) to that particular directory. In particular, it can download files quite easily to one's root directory or non-shared directories, which is very convenient.
  • it has a OS shell function, which allows one to drop straight into your LS's bash/ash shell, carry out whatever instructions there needed, and then return directly to the Links browser,
  • dozens of other nifty features.

Source and Compilation Instructions

See the Links Homepage .