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How can I find out which white LinkStation I have?

What is the switch on the rear of the LinkStation for?

It is a crossover switch. The switch must be activated when connecting the LS1 (HD-HLANv1) LinkStation directly to a PC. The LS2 (HD-HLANv2), HG (HD-HGLAN) & HS (HS-DGL) LinkStations are auto-switching, hence they do not have a crossover switch.

Without switch.PNG

With switch LS1.PNG


So the LS1 LinkStation can also be identified by the presence of a crossover switch located at the rear of the unit; the LS2, HG and HS LinkStations do not have a crossover switch as they are auto-switching. Ok. after checking this you know if you have an LS1 or not.

How can I find out which Firmware version my LinkStation has?

You can find the version number by calling “Maintenance/System Status” in the web interface. For systems which do not have gigabit ethernet:
1.x firmware designates a HD-HLAN (PowerPC) LinkStation
2.x firmware designates a HD-HLAN (MIPSel) LinkStation
and for gigabit ethernet devices:
Both the HG and the HS have 1.x firmwares....but that is not that important. The HGs and the HSs are identical from the hardware point of view.
Maintainance -> SystemStatus -> Firmware Version, should list your firmware version.

So the LS2 can be identified from an HG/HS by the firmware version. If you still are unsure you either have an HG or an HS.

How can I make sure to know which box i have?

Download several stock firmwares.
Start the bundled firmware updater. if it finds your box then the package was made for it and you know which box you have.