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Hardware differences

Version 1 vs. Version 2

You might noticed that there are 2 different versions for the LS Pro and 2 for the LS Live. These different versions are there because of hardware differences.

Just look at the rear of your box:
Linkstation live v1 rear.jpg Linkstation live v2 rear.jpg

Although the pics are from a v1 and v2 LS Live, the v1 and v2 LS Pro look nearly exactly the same. only the case color is black.

Here are more pictures of the LS Pro/LS Live v2 generation

LS Pro v1 equal to LS Live v1

The LS Pro v1 & the LS Live v1 can be treated as the same. Some screws might be a "little" different but from the hardware perspective the same hardware mods can be applied on both.

LS pro v2 equal to LS Live v2

The same is valid for the second version of both boxes. Some hardware mods (like adding a second Sata port) cannot be done with these boxes....but the boards are very similar to the kurobox pro boards...there are only 2 differences.

LS v2 vs. Kurobox

  • Different daughterboard: There are good chances that the kurobox pro daughterboard works on the LS Pro v2 / LS Live v2
  • No 256 MB NAND flash in LS: This of course is an advantage of the kurobox pro as it allows to store the Linux OS completely in flash.

Software differences

Stock Firmware

Live has DLNA Software & Print Server installed, Pro doesn't.

Custom Firmwares

ALL boxes are compatible with the images which were initially created for the LS Pro. Just make sure you REALLY follow the install instructions.

  • NEVER "Update BOOT"
  • Initrd-only update when installing Freelink