List of ipkg feeds for the LinkStation

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Configuring your LinkStation to use a Feed

See /Articles/GeneralIpkgOnLinkstation for how to get started. Projects/OpenLink firmwares version 0.60 and higher come preconfigured for the feed. See the configuration file documentation for more details.

#LSWFeeds Feeds

Attention! | The are currently not maintained. Be careful when relying on them.

The feed is divided into two main sections, stable and unstable, and three architecture sub-sections, powerpc, mipsel and all. The stable feed contains established software packages which have been tested. The unstable feed contains bleeding edge software packages which haven't been thoroughly tested. Novice and mainstream users should stick to the stable feed.

Feed Submit Comment
[[1]] Coming soon Stable mipsel packages
[[2]] Coming soon Unstable mipsel package
[[3]] Coming soon Stable powerpc packages
[[4]] Coming soon Unstable powerpc packages
[[5]] Coming soon Stable architecture-independent packages
[[6]] Coming soon Unstable architecture-independent packages

Other Feeds

The following table lists additional feeds which provide LinkStation software:

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Setting up a Custom Feed

It is relatively simple to set up your own feed, e.g., for distributing LinkStation software via the Internet or within a company's Intranet. See here for information on this matter.