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The Kurobox and the Kurobox HG use an Atmel AVR AT90S2313-4SC microcontroller.


  • 2K bytes of Flash Memory
  • 128 bytes of EEPROM!
  • 128 bytes of Internal Ram
  • 15 I/O lines
  • one 8 bit timer/counter
  • one16-bit timer/counter
  • Full Duplex UART
  • 10 bit PWM
  • Analog Comparator
  • on chip oscillator and clock circuitry

AVR Commands

The AVR controls the Kurobox hardware, such as the power button and LEDs. The AVR is connected to /dev/ttyS1 and can be controlled by sending commands directly to it.

The power button on the front of the case, and the red button on the rear of the case also send commands to the AVR, and is controlled by the ppc_uartd daemon. However, it is possible to control the Kurobox without the ppc_uartd daemon.

Sending commands to the AVR

To send commands to the AVR,

linkstation # echo -n "commands" > /dev/ttyS1
Listof known commands
Command Resp Comments
\30\30\30\30  ? Send by /www/script/melsub_diskcheck.sh
[[[[ OK POWER LED blinks slowly.
]]]] OK A cooling fan begins high-speed rotation.
\\\\ OK A cooling fan begins low-speed rotation.
>>>> ? ppc_uartd sends them on boot.
AAAA ? ppc_uartd sends them on boot.
CCCC OK reboot send them before shutdown -r now / reboot.
EEEE OK shutdown send them before shutdown -h now.
FFFF ? ppc_uartd sends them on boot.
JJJJ ? ppc_uartd sends them on boot.
KKKK ? ppc_uartd sends them on boot.
QQQQ ? ppc_uartd sends them on set timer.
RRRR ? end of clear flash memory.
SSSS ? start of clear flash memory.
TTTT OK finish update flash memory stop blinking POWER, DISK FULL and DIAG LED.
UUUU OK Start update flash memory start blinking POWER, DISK FULL and DIAG LED.
XXXX OK DISK FULL LED stops blinking
YYYY OK DISK FULL LED starts blinking
ZZZZ OK POWER LED stops blinking slowly.
gggg OK DIAG LED starts 3 times blink(partition error) and shutdown.
iiii OK DIAG LED starts 4 times blink(problem in the cooling fan) and shutdown.
kkkk OK DIAG LED starts 5 times blink(problem in the flash memory) and cut power(not shutdown).
mmmm OK DIAG LED starts 6 times blink(problem in the hard drive) and shutdown.
oooo OK DIAG LED starts 7 times blink(problem in RAM/LAN/HDD controller) and shutdown.

Source: AVR commands

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