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Originally by marge and frontalot from



MLDonkey[1] is an open source, free software multi-network peer-to-peer application that supports the BitTorrent protocol[2] . It is also the name of the peer-to-peer overlay network that application uses. Originally a Linux client for the eDonkey protocol[3] MLdonkey is written in the Ocaml programming language and licensed under the GPL. The application separates the user interface (which can be a web browser, telnet, or a third-party GUI application)[4] and the code that interacts with the peer-to-peer networks[5][6][7].

MLDonkey supports the following network protocols, either partially or completely:



You may need to use the Unstable (Debian) branch:

  1. Get access to packages from the Debian unstable branch
  2. Then install mldonkey by
apt-get install mldonkey-server


A longer test-period has shown, that none of the listet ways to get MLdonkey running on the LS-Pro is stable. After approximately 5 minutes the MLdonkey-Server will freeze without an error-message on the console or in the mlnet-log.


apt-get update                   # update APT-Repository
apt-get install mldonkey-server  # install MLDonkey

compile latest SVN

If you would like to have the latest SVN-Version (better speed etc.) then you should do the following steps. But be careful: Currently the latest SVN-Version is very unstable on the ARM-System. It'll freeze after a few minutes. There's a patch ( [1]) which should fix the problem but i didn't have success, it's still unstable.

cd /mnt/disk1/share/source/
apt-get install ssh cvs patch autoconf gcc g++ libc-dev make zlib1g-dev libbz2-dev libgd2-noxpm-dev
cvs co -P mldonkey
cp ./mlnet /root/.mldonkey/

Problems (both ways)

There are problems within the ARM9-Version. After some starts the mlnet-Service will shut down automatically with an errormessage. The Problem is caused by a file called mlnet_strings.EN_ANSI_X3.4-1968. I've found a workaround: You have to delete the file before mlnet starts. Mlnet will create the file as soon as it is started.

I've created a file called run_mldonkey in the mldonkey-dir (/root/.mldonkey/):

#! /bin/sh
cd /root/.mldonkey/
rm /root/.mldonkey/mlnet_strings.EN_ANSI_X3.4-1968
mlnet > /dev/null 2>&1 &

After that i have created a symbolic link within the /etc/rc2.d-Directory to get it automatically started. First tests were successfully, mldonkey seems to run stable



This project aims to offer the latest MLDonkey P2P client and additional utilities precompiled and packaged for the PPC LinkStation. This release is compiled without GUI support. See for more information. You may download the latest version from the downloads area.


  • mldonkey-
  • ed2k_hash
  • make_torrent

A newer version of mldonkey, MLNet 2.8.1, compiled for a KuroBox Pro (PPC) is available at:

If someone could please host this (my bandwidth is limited), it would be appreciated.


Older binaries + packages are available here. But there was feedback that they did no work properly because of the missing libmagic. So you would have to install the development tools which should fix this dependancy.

  1. Precompiled C development environment, running on the LS
  2. Then
mkdir /mnt/hda/temp 
cd /mnt/hda/temp 
tar -xzvf mldonkey_mips-2.7.6.tar.gz 

Compile from Source

You can find the latest sources of mldonkey at the mldonkey project at sourceforge. First install the development tools.

  1. Precompiled C development environment, running on the LS
  2. Then mldonkey can be compiled by:
tar -xjf mldonkey-*.tar.bz2
cd mldonkey-* 
./configure --enable-batch --disable-gui
make install

you will need a startscript (/etc/init.d/mldonkey) for mldonkey.

#! /bin/sh
export USER="root"
su - $USER -c"/usr/local/bin/mlnet&" 
su - $USER -c"kill -15 `cat $INSTALLEDPATH/`"
su - $USER -c"sleep 5"
case "$1" in
        echo -n "Starting mldonkey: "
        echo -n "Stopping mldonkey "
        echo -n "Restarting mldonkey "
   	 echo -n "Forcing start of mldonkey "   
    	 rm $INSTALLEDPATH/config_files_space.tmp
        echo "Usage: /etc/init.d/$NAME {start|stop|restart|force}"
        exit 1
exit 0

you can download it directly from here here.

cd /etc/init.d
chmod 755 mldonkey

Additional Info

mldonkey should be runnable now by executing

/etc/init.d/mldonkey start

I had to add .sh That is what I use:

/etc/init.d/ start

if you want mldonkey to be started automatically at startup:


ln -s /etc/init.d/mldonkey /etc/rc2.d/S99mldonkey


ln -s /etc/init.d/mldonkey /etc/rc.d/rc2.d/S99mldonkey


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