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LinkStation ('li[ng]k-'stA-sh&n), n. 1. A Linux Based NAS device. 2. highly modifiable standalone PowerPC, MIPS or ARM computer. Connectivity via Ethernet or USB.

Wiki (wee' kee), n. a type of website that allows anyone visiting the site to add, remove, or otherwise edit all content, quickly and easily, often without the need for registration. This ease of interaction and operation makes a wiki an effective tool for collaborative writing.


How can I help?

Please see ToDo.

Is there a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for the LinkStation?

Yes, please see the FAQ

What about my Privacy? what information does this site collect on me?

Please see the NAS Central privacy policy.

How can I submit a bug or feature request?

Please submit all bugs and feature requests via the Mantis bug tracker.

I’m trying to update/submit a wiki article but I’m prompted for a password? What is the password?

Some of the wiki requires a password to edit. Please contact one of the admins if you need write-access to these areas. Users should submit wiki articles to the write-public Articles area of the wiki.

May I copy content from the NAS-Central?

Yes, provided you follow the appropriate license(s). Please see Main/LegalIssues for more information.

May I link directly to a file hosted at the NAS-Central?

No. Please link to the main page -

What does Buffalo Technology think about all this?

We have occasional contact with the european and the US department of Buffalo Technology and they seem to be everything else than against what we do. They are aware of us and what we do and there was no complaint so far.

Who are the administrators?

Checkout the Community Portal

What website software does the NAS-Central use?

We currently are using MediaWiki for the wiki, phpBB for the forums and Mantis for the bug tracking software.
phpBB3 is a needed update to miniBB as the community grows. ~24 April 2007
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