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===External interfaces (Interface to network (with chipset)), supported network file system protocols===
===External interfaces (Interface to network (with chipset)), supported network file system protocols===

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This Ripped from https://rnvs.informatik.tu-chemnitz.de/twiki/bin/view/Main/NetworkAttachedStorage on 6/27/2006

Network Attached Storage Appliances for Small Office/Home Office Use under US$1000


The following is a market overview of many NAS (Network attached storage)-related products, mainly for the SoHo market and for small businesses. The products differ in their nature, not all of them are comparable or fit into the same category. I think, customers are smart and will decide for themselves which products are more or less appropriate for their specific use case. I left out solutions that do not have either Ethernet (RJ-45 jack) or WLAN capabilities. All products are based on TCP/IP (exception: Ximeta NetDisk, see hint).

Please take this advice!

Important! Things change frequently ...

While I invest quite some effort to collect and maintain the facts on this page, I am sure, you will also find that there are bugs and false information. Prices change rapidly, all the ones I mention should only serve as some raw estimate. You are a smart shopper, please use some price search engine to find most uptodate prices.

The same is true for firmware. Newer firmware releases might add, change or even drop some of the mentioned features. Please double-check with you vendor before making any decision. Finally, NAS makers continually make changes to the hardware, esp. changing board layout, CPUs, RAM and ROM size. In many cases they do not even promote these changes and sell the product with the same name. Keep your eyes open if you rely on hardware specifics.

Important! Firmware does make a difference!

All NAS makers have to make a balance between cheap customer prices and good product support. Especially firmware, that is stable and updated with the latest features at the same time is a cost factor on the manufacturer's bill when a product line was sold and the next generation enters the market.

How can you find out about the support level of a particular manufacturer? As an indicator, simply look at their web site, and evaluate how they have handled this in the past. Do they have uptodate firmware and manuals for their older products?

In some cases, enthusiasts make use of the sources of firmware, and make their own (often free) releases with more knowledge and time, than the original under-paid firmware programmers had. So, see whether some group has already made alternative firmware that enjoyed considerably more care than the manufacturer's version. But also stay with the principle: "Never touch a running NAS, aaah, a running system." Do not update firmware simply for fun.

Please send comments

I am very glad about every user comment, or hints to other products. Please send such information to ralf.koenig@informatik.tu-chemnitz.de .


External interfaces (Interface to network (with chipset)), supported network file system protocols

This table is work in progress !!!










HD ports

NAS Spintronics LANDISK Fast Eth - X X - - IDE
NAS V-Gear Landisk Fast Eth - X X - - IDE
NAS CLAXAN CL-NAS110 Fast Eth - - - - - IDE
DSL/Cable Access Router + NAS CLAXAN CL-SA110 Fast Eth - - - - - IDE
DSL/Cable Access Router + NAS CLAXAN CL-SA113 Fast Eth - - - - - IDE
NAS Intellinet NAS, 522991 Fast Eth - X X X X IDE
DSL/Cable Access Router + NAS Intellinet SOHO SERVER Fast Eth - X X X X IDE
NDAS Ximeta NetDisk Fast Eth - - - - - IDE
NDAS Ximeta NetDisk Office Fast Eth - - - - - IDE
NDAS Ximeta NetDisk Office Wireless Fast Eth 802.11b/g - - - - IDE
NDAS Ximeta NetDisk Mini Fast Eth - - - - - IDE
NDAS Ximeta NetDisk Enclosure Fast Eth - - - - - IDE
NAS Iomega Network Hard Drive Fast Eth - - - - - IDE
NAS Iomega NAS 100d Fast Eth 802.11b/g X X X X IDE
NAS LaCie Ethernet Disk Fast Eth - - - - - IDE
NAS LaCie Ethernet Disk mini Fast Eth - X X X IDE, USB2.0 x 1
NAS Asus WL-HDD 2.5 Fast Eth 802.11b/g - - - - IDE 2.5in
NAS-USBHD+Router Asus WL-500B Fast Eth 802.11b - - - - USB1.1
NAS-USBHD+Router Asus WL-500G Fast Eth 802.11b/g - - - - USB1.1
NAS-USBHD+Router Asus WL-500G deluxe Fast Eth 802.11b/g - X USB 2.0x2
NAS, NAS-USBHD D-Link DSM-602H, DSM-604H Fast Eth - X - - - USB1.1
NAS, NAS-USBHD D-Link DSM-622H, DSM-624H Fast Eth 802.11b/g X - - - USB1.1
NAS-USBHD D-Link DNS-120 Fast Eth - X X - - 2x USB 2.0
NAS-USBHD Allnet ALL6100 Fast Eth - X - - - USB2.0 x 2
NAS Allnet ALL6200 Fast Eth - X X - - IDE
NAS Allnet ALL6400 Giga Eth (2x) - X - - - 4x S-ATA hot-swappable, RAID
NAS Flepo F6200 Fast Eth - X X - - IDE
NAS Longshine LCS-8200 Fast Eth - X X - - IDE
NAS-USBHD Linksys NSLU2 Fast Eth - X - - - USB2.0 x 2
NAS Linksys Etherfast EFG120, EFG250 Giga Eth - X X - - IDE
NAS-USBHD Ovislink MU-5000FS Fast Eth - X X - - USB2.0 x 2
NAS Ovislink MU-9000VPN Fast Eth - - X - - USB2.0 x 4
NAS Ovislink WMU-9000VPN Fast Eth 802.11b/g - X - - USB2.0 x 4
NAS Buffalo Linkstation HD-H120LAN Fast Eth - X X - - IDE, USB2.0 x 2
NAS Buffalo Linkstation HD-HG120LAN Giga Eth 802.11b/g X X - - IDE, USB2.0 x 2
NAS Buffalo Tera Station Giga Eth - X X - - IDE
NAS Revolution Kuro Box Fast Eth - X X X - IDE, USB2.0
NAS Revolution Kuro Box HG Giga Eth - X X X - IDE, USB2.0
NAS-USBHD+Router Netgear WGT634U Fast Eth - X X - - USB2.0
NAS Synology DS-101 Diskstation Fast Eth - X X - X IDE, USB2.0 x 2
NAS Synology DS-101 G+ Diskstation Giga Eth - X X - X S-ATA (int and ext), USB2.0 x 2
NAS Snap Appliance Snap Server 1100 Fast Eth - - - - - IDE
DSL/Cable Access Router + NAS Tritton TRI-ASA1120, TRI-ASA1200 Fast Eth - X - - - IDE
DSL/Cable Access Router + NAS Tritton TRI-ASA2120, TRI-ASA2200 Fast Eth - X - - - IDE
NAS Tritton TRI-NAS080, 120, 200 Fast Eth - X - - - IDE
NAS Tritton TRI-WHD1120, 1200 Fast Eth 802.11b/g X - - - IDE
DSL/Cable Access Router + NAS IOGEAR BOSS Fast Eth - - - - - IDE
NAS SERCOMM interNAS/Compact-ND53 Fast Eth - X - - - IDE
NAS SERCOMM interNAS-GS53 Fast Eth - X - - - IDE
NAS SERCOMM interNAS/RAID-NR53 Fast Eth - X - - - IDE
NAS+Server TEAC Vendotto NS-40 Basic Fast Eth - - - - - IDE
NAS+Server TEAC Vendotto Fast Eth - - - - - IDE
NAS+Server TEAC Vendotto WALL Fast Eth - - - - - IDE
NAS SMC SMC7208SBR Fast Eth - X - - Appletalk IDE
NAS-USBHD+Router U.S. Robotics USR8200 Fast Eth - X X - - USB2.0 x 2, IEEE1394
NAS Maxtor Shared Storage Fast Eth - X  ?  ?  ? IDE, USB2.0 x 2
NAS-USBHD+WLAN-Router T-Com Sinus 154 DSL SE Fast Eth 802.11b/g X - - - USB 1.1
NAS Intradisk Server Fast Eth - X X X - IDE
NAS + Server Intradisk Profi 2x Fast Eth 802.11b/g (via Mini-PCI) X X X - IDE



LANDISK-Enclosure, US $94 (07-Aug-2005)

LANDISK, 80GB ($156), 120GB ($172), 160GB ($188), 200GB ($282) (07-Aug-2005)

LANDISK plus, $182 (07-Aug-2005)

  • like LANDISK, but can also be attached to a PC via USB 2.0

CyberDisk, $220 (07-Aug-2005)


CyberDisk-plus, $210 (07-Apr-2005)


USBLinker-plus ($141.26)

StorageLinker[/twiki/bin/edit/Main/StorageLinker?topicparent=Main.NetworkAttachedStorage ?]-plus ($156.95)

Home Network Storage ($470.85)

Cache-Away ($251.09)

Storehouse ($376.65)

SOHO NAS-U1 ($376.68)

SOHO NAS-U2 ($470.85)

Q-NAS ($627.80)

V-Gear, http://www.vgear.com (also called: Asiamajor Inc.)


LANDISK (case only), 100 EUR [as of Feb 2005]

Claxan, IntelliNet, IOGEAR and Tritton: Based on same design

The following devices by Claxan, IntelliNet, IOGEAR and Tritton are all based on the same ODM design. The devices still differ in firmware, RAM and ROM sizes, and support, which can make a real difference in every-day use. There are many more companies, that resell these products with their own names, search for the IntelliNet numbers (522991 and 522342) to find them.

Common for all devices:

  • fanless design
  • Toshiba TMPR3927CF 32 bit RISC-based CPU (based on MIPS R3000A)




NAS Claxan CL-NAS110
NAS IntelliNet NAS, 522991
NAS Tritton TRI-NAS080, TRI-NAS120, TRI-NAS200
DSL/Cable Access Router + NAS Claxan CL-SA110
DSL/Cable Access Router + NAS Claxan CL-SA113
DSL/Cable Access Router + NAS IntelliNet SOHO SERVER, 522342
DSL/Cable Access Router + NAS IOGEAR BOSS GNS1000120
DSL/Cable Access Router + NAS Tritton TRI-ASA1120, TRI-ASA1200, TRI-ASA2120, TRI-ASA2200

CLAXAN, http://www.claxan.de


CL-NAS110, 180 EUR + HD


CL-SA110 (DSL Router with built-in NAS) 200 EUR + HD

  • built-in 4 port switch
  • ext3 file system
  • SMART status of hard disk shown in web interface
  • HDD sleep mode, when HDD not needed
  • user reports, that you can put a 160 GB disk into this device
  • you can flash the CL-SA113 firmware to get an additional HTTP and Mail server
  • Reviews:


CL-SA113 (DSL Router with built-in NAS) (200 EUR + HD)

Intellinet Network, http://www.intellinet-network.com

IntelliNet NAS, 522991


SOHO SERVER (Server Appliance), 522342

File:Intellinet-522342.jpg File:Intellinet-522342-back.jpg

IOGEAR, http://www.iogear.com


BOSS (Broadband Office Storage Server) 120GB - GNS1000120, 200 GB - GNS1000200

Tritton, http://www.trittontechnologies.com/


TRI-ASA1120, TRI-ASA1200, TRI-ASA2120, 120 GB, $360, TRI-ASA2200, 200 GB



The following Tritton products are not related to the products mention before!


TRI-WHD1120 - 120 GB $399, TRI-WHD1200 - 200 GB $499



  • enclosure only
  • bring your own hard disk
  • vendor claim this device to be a very simple NAS, just to provide access from different platforms
  • FTP server included
  • "Coming soon" as of 2005-Jan-11
  • http://trittontechnologies.com/products/nas.html
  • user comment by John Cierra [2005-Mar-09]:
    • copying large files made it drop off the network very easily
    • did recognize the inserted drive without problem, but the frequent reboots made it impractical


Ximeta, http://www.ximeta.com

Ximeta has a different approach than the other systems. "NDAS" (Network Directly Attached Storage) instead of NAS (Network Attached Storage). The devices operate on Layer 2 (Ethernet) instead of Layer 3 and up (TCP/IP). It uses a protocoll called LPX (Lean Packet Exchange) on level 3 and up of the OSI stack.

This way, the hard disk looks similar (but not equal) to a locally attached SCSI hard disk drive.

Other vendors, such as Freecom have licensed the technology and make their own stuff based on this concept.

  • Less resource-intensive -> considerably faster than current NAS on embedded systems
  • Block-level access instead of file level access


  • non-routable (can only be accessed from local subnet, needs server PC to access storage from Internet)
  • drivers needed on the clients
  • direct FTP, SMB, or NFS does NOT work (needs server PC)
  • current firmware has problems with locking (multiple users write on the same file -> corruption can occur)

NetDisk, 170-260 EUR incl. hard disk (80, 120, 160, 250 GB)


NetDisk Enclosure (since Sep 2004), $170


NetDisk Office (120 GB - 250 EUR), (250 GB - 400 EUR)


NetDisk Office Wireless, 120 GB - 320 EUR

  • major drawback: drivers necessary on the clients
  • NDAS Technologie
  • 802.11g Wireless Access Point Router, WLAN 54MBit
  • Ethernet-Anschluss mit 4-fach Switch und USB 2.0
  • lieferbar ab September 2004
  • drivers for Windows, Mac und Linux
  • http://www.fly.ch/netdisk/faqs.htm


NetDisk Mini 40, 80 GB (both around $200)

other NetDisk devices

  • Ximeta licensed their intellectual property about NDAS to other vendors such as Buffalo and Freecom

Iomega, http://www.iomega.com

Iomega NAS 100d (incl. 160 GB HD US$ 499,-, 250 GB HD US$ 599,-)

NAS 200m, $999 (Nov 2004)

Network Hard Drive, 120 GB ($299) or 250 GB ($429) (prices as of Dec 2003)

LaCie, http://www.lacie.com/

Ethernet Disk, with 80GB (EUR 500), 160GB ($599), 250GB (EUR 575), 400 GB (EUR 769), 500GB (EUR 687), 800GB (EUR 965), as of Mar 2005, 1 TB as of Aug 2005 (1208 EUR), prices (500GB and up) as of Aug 2005

Ethernet Disk mini, March 2005, 250GB ($299), 400GB ($499), 500GB ($650)

Asus, http://www.asuscom.de

WL-HDD 2.5, 95 EUR + HDD 2.5"

Spacelink WL-500B

Spacelink WL-500G, 90 EUR

Spacelink WL-500G deluxe (also called WL-500GD or WL-500GX)



  • Wireless Storage Router
  • 10/100 Mbps WAN
  • 4 ports in LAN
  • WLAN Antenna Connector: Reverse-SMA antenna connector
  • IDE Port 1.
  • USB port 3 x USB 2.0
  • UPnP[/twiki/bin/edit/Main/UPnP?topicparent=Main.NetworkAttachedStorage ?] Media Server, UPnP[/twiki/bin/edit/Main/UPnP?topicparent=Main.NetworkAttachedStorage ?] Internet Gateway Device
  • USB RAID with Raid 0, 1, 10.
  • http://wl500g.info/showthread.php?t=2720
  • forum: http://wl700g.info/


DSM-602H, DSM-604H, DSM-622H, DSM-624H



  • exterior design looks close to Synology DiskStation[/twiki/bin/edit/Main/DiskStation?topicparent=Main.NetworkAttachedStorage ?]

DNS-120, $80 as of Nov 2004

  • devices that are very close hardware-wise





NAS-USBHD OvisLink MU-5000FS
NAS-USBHD Digitus DN-7013


NAS-USBHD Cellvision NFS-101U

this seems to be the original maker, http://www.cellvision.net/pdf/NFS-101U.pdf

NAS-USBHD Trendnet TS-U100


NAS-USBHD Sitecom LN-350


USB print servers similar to other cheaper broadband routers, that are equipped with USB ports to function as print servers, a simple firmware upgrade would make them NAS adapters

CellVision, NeuFusion

File:Cellvision-nfs-101u and wu.jpg

CellVision NFS-101U and NFS-101WU

CellVision NFS-202U and NFS-202WU

File:Cellvision-nfs-202u and wu.jpg

Allnet, http://www.allnet.de/

ALL6100 Ethernet Disk Server ->USB 2.0, 100 EUR

  • devices that are very close hardware-wise





Allnet ALL6100 USB-NAS
Solwise NU54 USB-NAS

http://www.solwise.co.uk/networking-copper-based-nas-server.htm , http://www.solwiseforum.co.uk/downloads/files/nu54manual.pdf

Sercomm interNAS/USB USB-NAS

ALL6200 NAS HDD Gehäuse 10/100 MBit, 110 EUR + HD (bis 250 GB)

  • devices that are very close hardware-wise

Thanks to Frank Lange for providing a list of 5 more OEM models.





NAS Allnet ALL6200
NAS Flepo F6200


NAS Longshine LCS-8200, LCS-8210


NAS Synetic NAS-Mini

interesting idea: 2 notebook disks as RAID-1

NAS Novac NV-NAS390


NAS Repotec RP-NA200


NAS Netronix NH-200


NAS Infosmart INHD88


  • hard disk size up to 250 GB, IDE 3.5 type, P-ATA
  • SMB, FTP
  • original firmware: FAT32 formatted hard drive, biggest files: 2 GB,
  • new firmware (starting with v4.00 with Allnet): Allnet changed to ext3 file system
  • now results are much better, e.g. http://www.tomsnetworking.de/index.php?id=a20041115a
  • fan is noisy
  • relatively cheap
  • CPU: Brecis 2006
  • http://www.allnet.de/produkte/27222.html
  • Comparison with of a ALL6200 (with ext3 file system) and a Linksys Etherfast EFG250: http://www.tomsnetworking.de/index.php?id=a20041115a
    • ALL6200 Write: 4.25 MByte/s (access method SMB or FTP unspecified)
  • review in c't 25/2004, p. 210: "Daten im Netz, Massenspeicher mit Netzwerkanschluss"
    • SMB Read/Write 3.0/3.0 MByte/s
    • FTP Read/Write 2.9/4.0 MByte/s
  • User Comments: http://www.jacob-computer.de/kommentar_100656.html?SID=a564021a71c7c00209136ae9de5070fe
  • User Comments: http://board.gulli.com/thread/324547
  • Distributor: e.g. http://www.jacob-computer.de
  • Thanks to Andreas Schweizer for the these two hints.
    • Hardware information and pics: http://www.a77s.de/all6200/
    • found a telnet port on TCP 24 with welcome message, but no access
    • with a trick: read/write access to the OS files, you can even execute own software (did not tell how)
  • Thanks to Vincent van der Sluijs for these comments (2004-Nov-19):
    • many many unsolved bugs in the firmware, even in the latest, that he used (3.xx)
    • he is using version 3.03b and for him it works more or less
    • update to 4.00 (with ext3) gives error message: NEW FIRMWARE IS NOT SUITABLE WITH THIS SYSTEM. solved (2004-Nov-23)
    • could not reach Allnet via phone or e-mail
  • Thanks to Claude Pie for the following hint:

ALL6400, ALL6400 RAID-NAS-System, announced as of 2005-Jul-01, price for resellers: EUR 749 plus VAT



Network Storage Link NSLU2, ca. 82-119 EUR

  • devices that are very close hardware-wise





Allnet ALL6100 USB-NAS
Solwise NU54 USB-NAS

http://www.solwise.co.uk/networking-copper-based-nas-server.htm , http://www.solwiseforum.co.uk/downloads/files/nu54manual.pdf

Sercomm interNAS/USB USB-NAS

Etherfast EFG120, 549 EUR, EFG250 - 899 EUR

Etherfast EFG80 GigaDrive

Ovislink, http://www.ovislink.com.tw/





NAS-USBHD OvisLink MU-5000FS
NAS-USBHD Digitus DN-7013


NAS-USBHD Cellvision NFS-101U

this seems to be the original maker, http://www.cellvision.net/pdf/NFS-101U.pdf

NAS-USBHD Trendnet TS-U100


NAS-USBHD Sitecom LN-350


USB print servers similar to other cheaper broadband routers (such as SWEEX LB000021), that are equipped with USB ports to function as print servers, a simple firmware upgrade would make them NAS adapters

MU-5000FS, 120 EUR

  • Share USB Storage and CD-ROM
  • 2 x USB 2.0 ports
  • CPU ADM5120, 175 MHz
  • FAT32
  • built-in SMB file server and ftp server
  • scheduled download from Internet
  • the Digitus and OvisLink models were reviewed in c't 25/2004, p.210 "Daten im Netz, Massenspeicher mit Netzwerkanschluss"
    • very slow: 1.5 MByte/s via SMB or FTP read/write (exception: Ovislink FTP write only 0.7 MByte/s)
  • Comparison of Linksys Etherfast EFG-120, Allnet AL6200 (with ext3 file system) and OvisLink[/twiki/bin/edit/Main/OvisLink?topicparent=Main.NetworkAttachedStorage ?] MU-5000FS/E : http://www.tomsnetworking.de/index.php?id=a20041115a
    • MU-5000FS/E SMB Write: 1.3 MByte/s

MU-9000VPN, 135 EUR

WMU-9000VPN, 180 EUR


Buffalo Linkstation HD-H120LAN, 180 EUR incl. 120 GB, 160GB, 250GB, 300GB

Buffalo Linkstation HD-HLWG

  • additional WLAN (802.11b/g)

HD-HG120LAN - ??? EUR, HD-HG160LAN - $369, HD-HG250LAN - $469, HD-HG300LAN - $569, HD-HG400LAN - $699 (May 2005, much more expensive than in Japan)

Tera Station, Jan 2005, $999

Revolution Gear (owned by Buffalo), http://www.revogear.com

Kuro Box, $160

Kuro Box HG, $240


ND520, ND508

WGT634U, ca. 150 EUR


DS-101 Diskstation, 260 EUR

DS-101 G+ Diskstation

  • new as of June 2005
  • CPU: Freescale MPC 8241 (same as Kurobox), 64MB SDRAM, 16MB Flash
  • 1 SATA Port for internal SATA HDD (Support: 120GB/160GB/250GB/300GB/400GB capacity), 1 eSATA Port for external SATA HDD
  • RJ-45 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet, (= Gigabit Ethernet)
  • USB 2.0 Support for 1 printer and upto 3 disks
  • USB COPY button on the front panel
  • Smart Fan design, HDD Sleep Mode Support
  • Continuous power: 14.64W (Standby), 17.88W (Working), 6.72W (Sleep)
  • TCP/IP, Apple Talk
  • CIFS/SMB, Apple File Protocol AFP 3.X, FTP
  • built-in HTTP server for Management
  • NTP
  • Account/Group/Share Support, Share Level Security Support, max. 128 user accounts, max. 64 groups, max 100 shares
  • Up to 32 concurrent connections
  • Automatic File Backup for Windows Client With Synology Data Replicator® installed on client system
  • Data on Windows PC backed up onto DS-101g+ Disk Station
  • Data on USB devices (less than 4GB) backed up onto DS-101g+ Disk Station
  • Data on DS-101 Disk Station backed up onto USB disks
  • specification: http://www.synology.com/enu/products/diskstation/index.php?page=ds-101g_plus
  • thanks to Gill Kirkwood for the hint

Snap Appliance (now owned by Adaptec), http://www.snapappliance.com/

Snap Server 1100, 250 GB, $900

Snap Server 2200, 320 GB - $1300, 500 GB - $1800

SERCOMM, http://www.sercomm.com/

  • serves as Taiwanese OEM for many other manufacturers



  • Fully Embedded Linux OS
  • Removable Disk-Drawers
  • Supports swappable disks
  • HDD-to-HDD data backup
  • Expansion Capability
  • Shared network printer
  • Supports SMB over TCP/IP and HTTP
  • http://www.sercomm.com/GS53.htm


TEAC, http://www.teac.com/

Vendotto NS-40 Basic - 40GB

Vendotto - 40GB, 80GB, 120GB, 160GB and 240GB - 899 EUR

Vendotto WALL


SmartVision Pro HD40


SMC's SMC7208SBR Broadband Storage Server

U.S. Robotics

USR8200 Secure Storage Router Pro, $350 as of Nov 2004

Kanguru Solutions, http://www.kanguru.com/

iNAS-10, 120GB, $500, 200GB, $530, 250GB, $600 as of Nov 2004

QNAP, http://www.qnap.com.tw (member of ICP Electronics Inc.)

NAS-110, 394 EUR (Nov 2004)

  • announced Nov 2004
  • NAS-only, no router
  • up to 300GB HDD
  • Intel IXP 420 processor, 64 MB RAM, 16 MB ROM
  • user quota setting
  • supports detection of system error and auto-alert by e-mail and 3 LED indicators (power, network and HDD operation)
  • vendor claims simple installation and easy configuration
  • no built-in router
  • http://www.qnap.com.tw/en/product_ia.asp?model=NAS-110

NAS-101R, 392 EUR, NAS-101RW, 452 EUR, NAS-101RWG (Nov 2004)

NAS-104R, NAS104R, 476 EUR (Nov 2004)

NAS-2108R, 596 EUR, NAS-2108RW, 657EUR, NAS-2108RWG (Nov 2004)

  • Compact Cable/DSL Storage Router with 8LAN, 1WAN Print Server Plus
  • NAS-2108R Max. 500GB - 2x3.5" HDD, 4x10/100Mbit LAN, 1x10/100Mbit WAN, IP sharing, router, firewall, RAID 0-1, Print Serwer
  • NAS-2108RW Max. 500GB - 2x3.5" HDD, 4x10/100Mbit LAN, 1x10/100Mbit WAN, WLAN Access Point, IP sharing, router, firewall, RAID 0-1, Print Server
  • http://reviews.zdnet.co.uk/hardware/networking/0,39023970,10004047,00.htm
  • Evesham is only a British distributor
  • NAS-2108R Desktop, 2HDD, RAID 0, 1, JBOD, 1x Wan, 8x 100/10Mbit, 1x Parallel Port
  • NAS-2108RW Desktop, 2HDD, RAID 0, 1, JBOD, 1x Wan, 8x 100/10Mbit, Wireless Access Point 11Mbit, 1x Parallel Port
  • NAS-2108RWG additional WLAN 802.11b/g
  • manual: http://www.profipc.pl/en/nas/pdf/Manual-101R_104R_2108R.pdf

NAS-2000, 480 EUR (price without disks), (Nov 2004)


  • announced Nov 2004
  • Desktop / Tower Form Factor Design
  • VIA Eden 733MHz / 256MB DRAM
  • 2 x 3.5” Hot-swappable IDE HDD
  • Maximum capacity up to 600GB
  • Supports RAID 0 , 1 and JBOD
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, load balancing or fail over modes
  • Supports UPS Management via USB Port
  • http://www.qnap.com.tw/en/product_ia.asp?model=NAS-3000

NAS-4000P, 800 EUR (price without disks), (Nov 2004)

SimpleTech, http://www.simpletech.com

SimpleShare Office Storage Server (160 GB, 250 GB, 400 GB, 500 GB )

Maxtor, http://www.maxtor.com

Shared Storage 200 GB ($300), 300 GB ($400) [Feb 2005]

Planex, http://www.planex.net



I-O Data, http://www.iodata.com

HDL-120U, HDL-160U, HDL-250U, HDL-300U

  • mainly on Japanese market
  • fanless with alu-case
  • hard disk turned into sleep state when not used
  • CPU: SH-4, 267MHz
  • Ultra DMA/133 hard drive
  • SMB, FTP
  • vendor claims FTP access rate of 94.5Mbps, which is way better than most current other NAS'es
  • USB2.0 x 2 can connect more storage, computer, print
  • 10/100 Ethernet
  • power consumption: 14W
  • http://www.iodata.com/products/products.php?cat=HNP&sc=HDL&ts=2&tsc=15


  • 2x 250 GB disk

HDLM-160U, HDLM-250U, HDLM-300U

  • built-in RAID-1, mirroring on 2 disks
  • disks swappable,

HDH-UL120, HDH-UL160, HDH-UL250, HDH-UL300

  • 7200 rpm hard disk
  • Ximeta NDAS technology


  • USB-HD-NAS similar to Linksys NSLU2
  • 5 USB ports to attach USB disks
  • 36-50 MBit/s claimed by vendor, approx. 5-6 MByte/s
  • supports read-only NTFS formatted USB disks (if my understanding of Japanese is correct)
  • same CPU as in Landisk

LevelOne, http://www.level1.com/intro.htm

FNS-5000, 629 EUR as of March 2005

FNS-6000, 649 EUR as of March 2005

KingByte, http://www.kingbyte.com

KNS-700 (IP-Drive-25)


  • case only, bring your own 2.5" disk
  • FTP, SMB
  • 10/100 Fast Ethernet
  • USB 2.0 interface to serve as an external HDD.
  • Light-weight and compact design
  • DHCP client and Static IP addressing supported.
  • Power Consumption: 12V 3.0A
  • Datasheet
  • sold in Germany by www.memoryworld.de on Ebay

KNS-600 (IP-Drive-35)


  • case only, bring your own 3.5" disk
  • all other things are equal to KNS-700

Planet Technology Corp., http://www.planet.com.tw/

NAS Server 1100, 146 Euro [as of 2005-Aug-15]


Planet is probably an OEM/ODM, one of these folks. You will most probably find the device with other names/brands attached as well. The case looks remotely similar to the QNAP NAS-110.

infrant Technologies, http://www.infrant.com/

ReadyNAS[/twiki/bin/edit/Main/ReadyNAS?topicparent=Main.NetworkAttachedStorage ?] 600, $695 bare bones; $1,395 for a terabyte array (Mar 2005)

ReadyNAS[/twiki/bin/edit/Main/ReadyNAS?topicparent=Main.NetworkAttachedStorage ?] X6, 625$-$750 (add price for disks), new as of Aug 2005

Newisys, http://www.newisys.com

NA-1400, around $1000 (1TB) and $400 (barebone, no harddisks).


  • available around the mid/end of Oktober
  • 640 GB, 1.0 TB, 1.6 TB and 2.0 TB models (raw size, RAID levels apply), reported (by the european sales channel manager) [2005-Sep-11]
  • 4 hot-swap SATA I disk drives
  • Intel® xScale® processor with Linux®-based operating system
  • 2x USB 2.0
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Ethernet or USB port to connect to network/server
  • CPU: Intel®XScale® 80219 600 Processor, 1x 256MB DDR SDRAM w/ECC, expandable to 512MB.
  • RAID Levels: RAID 0, 1 and 5.
  • up to 20 Clients
  • SMB, CIFS, XFS, HTTP, CIM Client, and Anonymous FTP
  • product sheet http://www.newisys.com/products/na1400_productsheet.pdf
  • features: http://www.newisys.com/products/na-1400_features.html

Thecus, http://www.thecus.com


N4100, available empty (800 EUR) or with 4 disks (1GB, EUR 1355) [2005-11-9]


  • File:31 1.jpg
  • CPU, Via C3 800 Mhz, 128 MB SDRAM
  • 2x ATA-133
  • 1x 10/100/1000 Base –TX
  • 1x 10/100 Base-TX
  • AppleTalk[/twiki/bin/edit/Main/AppleTalk?topicparent=Main.NetworkAttachedStorage ?], FTP, CIFS/SMB, NFS
  • Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 Domain Controller (PDC), Unix/Linux (NIS), User Level Security
  • RAID Level RAID 0, 1 and JBOD

Intradisk, http://www.intradisk.com, new as of [2005-Sep-29]

"Server", 350 EUR plus disk


  • ridiculous: from their FAQ: root password costs 200 EUR extra with 2h support pack

"Profi", 460 EUR plus disk


  • IXP425BD, Prozessor ARM Xscale, 533 MHz
  • integrated Crypto-coprocessor prepared for VPN
  • up to 10 MByte/s data transfer
  • 2x 10/100 Ethernet Auto-MDI/MDIX, 1x RS232, 1x IrDA[/twiki/bin/edit/Main/IrDA?topicparent=Main.NetworkAttachedStorage ?], 1x USB v1.2 Slave
  • 2x ATA-6 133MHz / UDMA
  • Mini-PCI-slot with WLAN-card (54MBit/s) 802.11b/g
  • alternative MiniPCI[/twiki/bin/edit/Main/MiniPCI?topicparent=Main.NetworkAttachedStorage ?]-extensions on request: USB 2.0 Host, GSM/Modem, VGA, DVI...
  • 1x 10/100 Ethernet Auto-MDI/MDIX, 1x RS232, 1x USB v1.2 Slave
  • 2x ATA-7 133MHz / UDMA
  • hard disk capacity up to 400 GB
  • Ext3 file system
  • fan-less, about. 5-15 Watt in full operation
  • rubber hard disk mounting for less vibrations and noise
  • Metal/Alu-case cooles electronic plus interated gel cooling pad for hard drive
  • dhcp server, tftp bootserver
  • 32-64 MB SD-RAM on-board, 8 MB Flash
  • Samba/NFS,
  • Web-/FTP-/Telnet-/File-/NTP/DHCP-Client-Server
  • Linux Kernel 2.4
  • integrated UPnP[/twiki/bin/edit/Main/UPnP?topicparent=Main.NetworkAttachedStorage ?]-Server (Twonkyvision)
  • sample applications: dBox (tuxbox) media storage (vendor claims: no further config required)
  • http://www.intradisk.com/produkte/basis.html
  • Web-/FTP-/Telnet-/File-/NTP/DHCP-Client-Server
  • Optional: Powermanagement Controller, Sleep/Standby/Aktiv, WakeOnLink[/twiki/bin/edit/Main/WakeOnLink?topicparent=Main.NetworkAttachedStorage ?]
  • data sheet http://www.intradisk.com/produkte/datenblatt-intradisk-neu.pdf
  • differences to "Server"
    • 2nd FastEthernet[/twiki/bin/edit/Main/FastEthernet?topicparent=Main.NetworkAttachedStorage ?] Port
    • Wireless LAN (108MBit/s)
    • real-time clock with Li-battery
    • integr. firewall, webcache
    • bluetooth (in development)
    • infrared sender/receiver
    • NTP server
    • integrated hard drive cooling

"Entwickler", 1160 EUR plus disk


  • like "Profi" +
    • integrated Intradisk-Linux development environment
    • JTAG-programming adapter for bootloader + debugging
    • parallel port cable
    • Intradisk Linux source code
  • Yes, I know that they have to make the source available for free, I already told them!

Mirra, http://www.mirra.com

Personal Server, starts at USD 399

NiveusMedia, http://www.niveusmedia.com/

Blackbox Personal Server: $399 and up, Blackbox Personal Server Pro: $499 and up

  • Personal Server: networked file sharing, automatic backup, home server needs.
  • Personal Server Pro: additional second Ethernet jack for router, firewall, etc.
  • essentially a PC
  • fanless VIA EPIA Mini-ITX
  • Linux-based OS
  • you can choose between various hardware configurations (disk size, RAM size)
  • http://store.niveusmedia.com/s.nl/c.304836/sc.2/category.10/.f

OEMS and ODMs, mostly from Taiwan

Alternative: Bring Your Own PC


Special Software

of a PC, switch it on, and have a NAS server instantly.

OPEN-E, http://www.open-e.com

Open-E NAS SOHO (200 EUR)

Open-E NAS 2.0 (earlier name: Ancom 2.0) (300 EUR)

Open-E NAS Enterprise (600 EUR)


Spinix SOHO NAS CHIP, 99 EUR (as of Nov 2004)

  • bootable NAS software burnt into a module you can plug into an IDE port
  • purpose: transform a PC into a NAS server quickly with good software
  • Disk on Module (IDE)
  • support for S/W RAID
  • support for H/W RAID controller built into PC
  • support for 10M / 100M / 1000M bps Ethernet
  • Router functions: PPPoE, Dynamic DNS, Firewall -> to ease access from Internet
  • http://eshop.spin3d.com.tw/product_info.php?products_id=31

Rebyte, http://www.rebyte.com

Rebyte Pro

Tools to measure NAS performance

  • ttcp
  • netio
  • iperf
  • rbench / dbench
  • netbench - SMB
  • dkftpbench - FTP
  • dstat
  • Atto Disk Benchmark (Windows Only)

The Future in NAS appliances

Network Fusion NAS news

LANLine article


Eine ganz informative FAQ*


- verwandte links:

http://www.msexchangefaq.de/produkte/dt.htm http://www.webofficenow.de/support-faq-overview.html

und wie sowas praktisch aussieht; http://www.allinonenas.de

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