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{{Brick|Some HD-HG300's cannot be flashed with [[OpenLink]] or [[FreeLink]]}}
{{Brick|Some HD-HG300's cannot be flashed with [[OpenLink]] or [[FreeLink]]}}
'''''I know I can't flash my HG300 with any "standard" firmware because it will brick. (serial numbers match the defective lot).'''''
{{Brickable HD-HG300}}
{{Brickable HD-HG300}}
===Current State===
===Current State===

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There is a possibility that you could brick your NAS with these instructions. Please make sure that you read the entire page carefully. Some HD-HG300's cannot be flashed with OpenLink or FreeLink

Because of a perceived increase in bricked HD-HG300's at a certain point in time, some people came up with the theory that there is a series of HD-HG300 LinkStations out there which are somehow inherently broken and can't be flashed. This is a theory, there is no proof of this. The thought is that some series of the 300 gigabyte HG Linkstations will always be bricked if you attempt to flash them with OpenLink or FreeLink, because these are thought to be defective. Kuroguy has revived one of these bricked boxes via JTAG, so if you brick your box, all is not lost. The serial numbers below are not number ranges, they are single serial numbers where the last three digits have been anonymised.
The theory says you have have one of these LinkStations if your Serial Number is below:
  1. 15803350910xxxx
  2. 45803351010xxxx
  3. 45803351011xxxx
  4. 458011650810xxx
  5. 458011650910xxx
  6. 458011650911xxx
  7. 45801650910xxx

Current State

  • For some reason you cannot flash these HD-HG300 LinkStations with custom firmwares OpenLink and FreeLink. However the original firmimg.bin can be flashed possibly because it is smaller.
  • You always are able to install freelink/openlink to a LS1/LS2/HG if you pull out the HDD and connect it to a workstation running linux and untar the tmpimage.tgz which is stored inside the image.dat of all firmwares.

Future Plan

  • UBoot is able to load a kernel from /boot on /dev/hda1, so you won`t desperately need a telnet + ftp-enabled firmimg.bin in flash to upgrade the kernel in flash.