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(External links)
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[http://www.mac-how.net how to restore a mac]
[http://www.mac-how.net how to restore a mac]
[http://www.mac-how.net/article/Copying_Music_from_iPodt Copying Music from iPod]
[http://www.mac-how.net/article/Copying_Music_from_iPod Copying Music from iPod]

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None of these links are broken but you make want to go the the new Articles page instead

This article Based on work by steve mac, mindbender, x, Mike Smith, Mike, sbron, nix, frontalot, and timtimred. Originally by frontalot. on Linkstationwiki.org


Hardware-agnostic LinkStation Articles

The following articles apply to all of the three different kinds of LinkStations (HD-HLAN PPC, HD-HLAN MIPS and HD-HGLAN PPC). Additional, hardware specific, articles can be found in

Also, information about the hardware versions, CPUs, etc. can be found here.

Software Development and Deployment

!!!See Also

Firmware Updates, Hacking, "Opening"

Kernel & Driver Software

LS Hardware & Hardware Configuration


Application Software

Rescue, Backups, etc.

Debian specific articles


External links

mac system restore

how to restore a mac

Copying Music from iPod