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(Compilation instructions)
(Compilation instructions)
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<font color=red>Get compilation instructions and required additional files here:
<font color=red>Compilation instructions and required additional files:

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This article Based on work by frontalot and andre. Originally by andre. at Linkstationwiki.org

OpenVPN/LZO binaries for the PPC LinkStation. See http://openvpn.net and http://www.oberhumer.com/opensource/lzo/ for more information. This package requires that you have already installed the files from Projects.DevelopmentTools and Projects.KernelModules. You may download the latest versions from the downloads area.

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This version is outdated and insecure. Please refer to the compilation instructions (in red) at the bottom of the page!


The current version ppc-openvpn-lzo-v2 features OpenVPN 2.0 and LZO 2.0.1.


  • GPL
  • LGPL
  • openvpn2-with-lzo-201-v2.tar.gz


  • etc/init.d/openvpn
  • etc/rc.d/rc2.d/S16openvpn
  • usr/local/include/lzo/
  • usr/local/include/lzo/lzoconf.h
  • usr/local/include/lzo/lzodefs.h
  • usr/local/include/lzo/lzoutil.h
  • usr/local/include/lzo/lzo_asm.h
  • usr/local/include/lzo/lzo1.h
  • usr/local/include/lzo/lzo1a.h
  • usr/local/include/lzo/lzo1b.h
  • usr/local/include/lzo/lzo1c.h
  • usr/local/include/lzo/lzo1f.h
  • usr/local/include/lzo/lzo1x.h
  • usr/local/include/lzo/lzo1y.h
  • usr/local/include/lzo/lzo1z.h
  • usr/local/include/lzo/lzo2a.h
  • usr/local/lib/liblzo.a
  • usr/local/lib/liblzo.la
  • usr/local/lib/liblzo2.a
  • usr/local/lib/liblzo2.la
  • usr/local/sbin/openvpn
  • usr/local/man/man8/openvpn.8
  • dev/net/tun
  • dev/tap0
  • dev/tap1
  • dev/tap10
  • dev/tap11
  • dev/tap12
  • dev/tap13
  • dev/tap14
  • dev/tap15
  • dev/tap2
  • dev/tap3
  • dev/tap4
  • dev/tap5
  • dev/tap6
  • dev/tap7
  • dev/tap8
  • dev/tap9
  • lib/modules/2.4.17_mvl21-sandpoint/kernel/drivers/net/tun.o


Uncompress the first tarball, which contains a README (etc.) and the tarball with the OpenVPN/LZO files to install onto your system.

tar -xvzf ppc-openvpn-lzo-v2.tar.gz
cd ppc-openvpn-lzo-v2
tar -C / -xvzf openvpn2-with-lzo-201-v2.tar.gz


Configuration files following the scheme /etc/openvpn/*.conf will be loaded automatically at system startup. Please refer to http://openvpn.net/howto.html and http://openvpn.net/examples.html for more information on how to use OpenVPN.

Compilation instructions

Compilation instructions and required additional files:

http://hvkls.dyndns.org/downloads/documentation/README-openvpn.txt http://hvkls.dyndns.org/downloads/openvpn_configfiles-ppc.tar.gz