PPTP-VPN on Stock Kernel

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Attention: What ever you do, you do it on your own risk


You have to have firmware 1.34 already installed and opened for telnet access. If not, you can find a guide here: Open Stock Firmware LS-XHL

You need to have the optware IPKG system installed on your device. If not, you can find a guide here: Ipkg_on_the_Linkstation_(for_end-users)

For enabling the Microsoft MPPE-Encryption we need a kernel-Module that can be loaded by the stock kernel. For this you need to download the following package:


For Firmwares before 1.34 this also may work, but it's unknown if the needed Kernel-Modules are also available.

What's the aim

The aim is to realize a PPTP VPN-Server, that allows users to dial in, establish a PPTP-Tunnel, and work remotely on the LS (or your network).

What is needed

The good news are: if you have downloaded the package above, and if you are running Firmware 1.34 with the optware IPKG Feed, the basics are there.

The bad news: we need to add a kernel-module, the PPTP-Server (POPTOP) and need to configure the things.

How to installe the MPPE Kernel Module