PeerGuardian BlockList Filter

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I find two way of using peerguardian blocklist file under Unix. The first was the official peerguadian under unix project ( ) but i have had problems with library. If someone would try make it work it could be great. The second was a to use Linblock ( witch was use under Linkstation.

Installation of Linblock

Linblock requieres some Perl Library. It could be install with cpan, just run :

cpan -i LWP Net::IP IPTables::IPv4  

I have had some make error with the IPTables::IPv4 library, so I install it manualy ( )

tar -xzvf IPTables-IPv4-0.98.tar
cd IPTables-IPv4-0.98
make install

Download ( et chmod linblock

chmod 755


Linblock requiered p2p peerguardian file format. You can find it on | the peerguardian wiki then just run :

linblock -i yourfile.p2p

It will parse and then insert the rules inside iptables. It's take really long time...