Performance tune the LinkStation hard drive with Hdparm

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1. Install hdparm if you haven't already:

apt-get install hdparm

2. Open up the hdparm configuration file and modify the performance settings:

pico /etc/hdparm.conf

3. Change the default ROOTFS settings to:

ROOTFS = /dev/hda

4. Add the following information at the end of hdparm.conf:

command_line {
hdparm -q[1] -m16[2] -c1[3] -u1[4] -S250[5] /dev/hda

5. Test your old performance settings:

hdparm -tT /dev/hda  

6. Reboot your LinkStation and retest your performance settings. Tada!

7. These particular settings may not always improve performance - try testing different settings.


  1. q tells hdparm to change the settings quietly.
  2. m16 sets the number of sectors to use for IDE block mode (multicount).
  3. c1 sets I/O support to 32-bit (from 16-bit).
  4. u1 enables unmasking of interrupts.
  5. S250 sets a spindown time of 5 hours.