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Using iR Shell 3.61 and CFW 3.52 m33-2

Nethostfs offers PC files to your PSP via infrastructure (or adhoc) WiFi. In order for this function to work with an infrastructure network you need a properly working WiFi connection already setup in the Sony XMB. The next step is to set the server IP (your PC's local IP) in the iR Shell configurator.


get this version from here:

Note: this is the ppc version, I'm not sure if you can't just 'make' the mips one and it work Using nethostfs you can stream movies, music and more straight to your PSP. Convenient for 'backed-up' games.


  • Network Streaming

Running nethostfs

To run nethostfs you will need to have a custom firmware (3.52 m33-2 is the latest at time of writing that works with iR Shell 3.61)

Installing nethostfs

This is the server that will allow the PSP to connect to your Linkstation. You can download the source code and patch required from this Japenese guys blog HERE. The source code will compile but not work (due to Big Endian?), so there's a patch too. Fortunately there is a pre-compiled binary in there that just works, so:

cd /tmp
cd nethostfs_kurobox
cp nethostfs /usr/bin

I've then just got a script to start it at boot.

pico /etc/init.d/nethostfs

Copy this to it:

   export PATH


   case "$1" in
   echo -n "Starting nethostfs: "
   $NETHOSTFS -p $PORT /mnt/share/PSPGames &
   echo "done"
   sleep 1
   echo -n "Shutting down nethostfs: "
   $NETHOSTFS -p $PORT poweroff &
   -- Or: kill `getpid $NETHOSTFS`
   killall nethostfs
   sleep 1
   echo "done"
   echo -n "Restarting nethostfs: "
   $0 stop
   sleep 1
   $0 start
   echo "Status of nethostfs: "
   ps auxw|grep nethostfs
echo "Usage: nethostfs {start|stop|restart|status}"
   exit 1

   exit 0

Then link it:

cd /etc/rc2.d && ln -s /etc/init.d/nethostfs S99ps2client
cd /etc/rc6.d && ln -s /etc/init.d/nethostfs K99ps2client
cd /etc/rc0.d && ln -s /etc/init.d/nethostfs K99ps2client