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Project 2.6 mipsel

this Page should be used to collect all the wisdom regarding compiling a working 2.6-kernel for the LS 2(mips).

All compiling information and information about patches should get here. if needed i can modify mediawiki to allow some more filetypes to be allowed to upload to the wiki. this way we could even share our patches directly here on this page.

i know it does not fit to the name of the pages, but could someone try to compile the 2.4.20 from the LS2 GPL source?

do not forget to apply the melfs.patch because of the custom ext2_magic_number buffalo invented to protect the linux filesystem from us.

this should be possible....because Ejii coded a loader.o for this and he already compiled a kernel for that:


here is the page with google online translation for surfing on the page: