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=== Modifying .rtorrent.rc ===
== Modifying .rtorrent.rc ==
I won't bother repeating the information in the good guide  
I won't bother repeating the information in the good guide  

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rTorrent is a console-based BitTorrent client with a focus on efficiency. This guide describes how to set up rTorrent with XMLRPC support.

This was performed on a Linkstation Pro with Debian installed


www.cybel.be Many Thanks to Rakshasa for the binaries which make this guide easy. I've spent weeks trying to compile these from source with no luck.

Thanks to MoonMaker on the buffalo nas forums. Rtorrent with xmlrpc-c from source

This forum post contains lots of additional information on setting up rtorrent and ntorrent.

Install Basics

As root, install the following, I'm not 100% sure if you need all of these.

$ aptitude install libsigc++-2.0-dev pkg-config comerr-dev libcurl3-openssl-dev libidn11-dev
$ aptitude install libkadm55 libkrb5-dev libssl-dev zlib1g-dev libncurses5 libncurses5-dev libtool screen

Getting the binaries

Log in to your linkstation and wget the binaries


$ wget http://www.cybel.be/files/with_xmlrpc/xmlrpc-c_1267svn-1_arm.deb


$ wget http://www.cybel.be/files/with_xmlrpc/libtorrent_1020svn-1_arm.deb

Rtorrent with XMLRPC-C support:

$ wget http://www.cybel.be/files/with_xmlrpc/rtorrent_1020svn-1_arm.deb


Easy with .deb's, run the following as root

$ dpkg -i xmlrpc-c_1267svn-1_arm.deb
$ dpkg -i libtorrent_1020svn-1_arm.deb
$ dpkg -i rtorrent_1020svn-1_arm.deb

Modifying .rtorrent.rc

I won't bother repeating the information in the good guide

Set Up rTorrent on LSPro for setting all the usual settings and using screen with rtorrent.

The following needs to be added to .rtorrent.rc to setup XMLRPC-C support

scgi_port = :5000
#scgi_local = /home/torrent/rpc.socket 

See the rTorrent user guide to learn how to work with the rTorrent interface.

Interfaces which use XMLRPC-C for rTorrent

Here's just a few of the many alternative interfaces for rtorrent once you've enabled xmlrpc-c support

nTorrent. This is great, easy to install and use