Roadmap of Openlink Development

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This article Based on work by moomoo and mindbender. Originally by mindbender. at


  • used as a stable base image


  • skipped because it was unstable


  • for fixing bugs of 0.52b reported in the PITS/PITS


 - wget 
 - unzip (no password-protection-support)
 - zip (no password-protection-support)
 - sed 
 - od
 + /usr/bin/arping
 + /usr/bin/etherwake
 + /usr/bin/less
 + /bin/nice
 + /usr/bin/nohup
 + /usr/bin/nslookup
 + /usr/bin/openvt
 + /sbin/pivot_root  
 + /usr/bin/renice
 + /usr/bin/traceroute
  • make it compatible to andre's webinstaller for kernel 2.6
 + full wget
 + diff
 + complete openlink-helper-package
  • add ipkg
 + ipkg-binary
 configure /etc/ipkg.conf for the new feeds (which are currently empty)
 [[1]] (see ipkg-articles by nix also)
  • make it easy to create custom openlink-images
 + full unzip
 + full zip
  • avoid some busybox compiling problems
 + full sed
 + full od


  • using Sylver's perl scripts instead of some closed source components
(mkcode) -> currently in development
  • updating samba to the most recent one
 Sylvers mkcode has support for latest samba
  • updating the webinterface
Sylver has enhanced the webinterface a bit:
not all folders in /mnt/ are shared automatically, you can choose if you want to share it
here are some sample pics (with the permission of Sylver)
  • adding an additional webpage (Control-Center) where users can start and stop applications
  • updating some libs if needed
  • updating some apps:

proftpd from 1.2.9 to 1.3.0 for example