Roku and Linkstation - setup and customization tips

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Hardware/Software Requirements

  • Any Roku soundbridge device (M500, M1000, M1001, M2000)
  • Any Linkstation w/ OpenLink or FreeLink installed on it

Directory setup

Firefly/mt-daapd Tweaks

Making the web interface configuration page "configurable"

If you notice that your Configuration page on the web interface won't allow you to make changes, then you may need to adjust permissions on the configuration file. The very first entry on the Configuration page lists the location of this file, usually at /etc/mt-daapd.conf . To make the web configuration work, you can cd to the directory where this configuration file is and modify its permissions:

cd /etc
chmod 777 mt-daapd.conf

Reload the web Configuration page and it should work now.

Automatically refresh the database


Static Playlists

Smart Playlists

URL/Internet/Stream Playlists


Customizing the Roku