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1. Install the SMART monitoring tools:
1. Install the SMART monitoring tools:

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1. Install the SMART monitoring tools:

apt-get install smartmontools

2. I recommend enabling the SMART daemon which will automatically monitor the LinkStation hard drive and report any serious problems. Edit /etc/default/smartmontools:


3. Smartd, the SMART daemon, will now automatically initiate on boot and monitor the hard drive.

4. Now edit the smartd config file, /etc/smartd.conf:

comment out: DEVICESCAN
add: /dev/hda -a -H -m root

5. This enables monitoring of /dev/hda only and reports any hardware failures via mail to root. You can also use the following commands:

report drive information: smartctl -i /dev/hda
report drive health: smartctl -Hc /dev/hda

6. You can display the temperature of your internal drive (the last number is the current temperature):

smartctl -a /dev/hda | grep 194

7. A more detailed listing of smartmontools commands are available at http://www.linuxjournal.com/node/6983/print.

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