SCON-KIT/ PRO quick manual

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  • SCON-KIT/PRO is a serial console connection kit for KURO/BOX/PRO
  • You will need a SOLDERING IRON for this kit
  • The chance of guarantee is only for the first time when it does not work
  • The term of guarantee depends on the store
  • No repair or support service for this kit
  • Help page for this product:
USB Type A <--> USB board FTDI FT232RL ---TXD-->
Cable ---TXD-->
KuroBox Pro Daughterboard
Kuro-Box/Pro Interface 3.3V TTL
PC Interface USB 1.1

Scon Kit Pinout

1 TXD Out
2 RXD In
3 VCC In
4 GND -

KuroBox Pro UART0 Pinout

1 TXD Out
2 RXD In
3 VCC (+3.3V) Out
4 GND -


  • Do not insert/extract or push/pull attached connector frequently
  • Do not put stress on connector and base
  • Do not attach connector when the power of KURO-BOX/PRO is on
  • You will need terminal software

Setup Process

Attach Serial Header to circuit board by soldering iron make sure the AC plug is off.

  • Open front panel of KURO-BOX/PRO, take the HDD daughter board out.

kurobox pro daughterboard

  • Put the serial header onto UART0.


  • Make sure pin No.1 match to TXD.


  • Attach with a soldering iron from the back of the base.


  • Put the daughterboard back onto the KURO-BOX/PRO

Connection of SCON-KIT/PRO

  • Connect SCON-KIT/PRO and UART0 on the sub base of KURO-BOX/PRO by using a patch cord


  • Do not connect to the PC yet.

Preparation of appropriate COM port driver and install

  • download the appropriate COM port driver for FT232R from the URL below
  • Connect the SCON-KIT/PRO to the USB port of PC. Install the driver which you downloaded.
  • Open Device manager and check which COM port is used. For example in the picture, port is named COM5.

Set up the terminal software

  • Start terminal software. See KURO-BOX/PRO UART specification set up serial port. Use your COM? port for setting.

Example: the way to setup using “HyperTerminal” in WindowsXP/2000

    • start “hyperterminal” and register a name of the new connection
    • connection method: chose COM? which you checked before
    • see KURO-BOX/ PRO UART specification and set up the port
    • you can see this picture when you start KURO-BOX/PRO

sometimes, you may get the junk/Trash data when you turn the power on/off or reboot, but it is not abnormal. If you cannot return, reset the terminal software or reconnect.