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This has been tested and works well on a ARM9 Linkstation Live. Should work on others. SABnzbd+ is a NZB-based usenet "leech" client which also PAR checks and un-archives the files you have downloaded.


There are 2 options:

Stock firmware/jtymod


ipkg update
ipkg upgrade
ipkg install python py24-cheetah py24-cherrypy py24-elementtree py24-celementtree py24-yenc par2cmdline unrar unzip

This installs Python and all the dependencies needed including UnRar, PAR checking and YEnc decoder.

Download SABnzbd from but make sure you download the "sources" version as that includes the actual python scrips we need for NAS box. Unarchive wherever you want (but I will continue with an example). This can be done within Windows or Linux and I unarchived to


You can delete the files, Sample-PostProc.cmd, PKG-INFO, all *.TXT files and the "Licenses" directory. Not needed.

Running for 1st Time

cd /mnt/disk1/share/sabnzbd
python -f SABnzbd.ini -d

The -d runs it in daemon mode which I cannot see any reason why you would not want!

You might want to make a script to do this, else you'll be having to do this every time you restart your Linkstation


You'll need to configure SABnzbd which is easiest done using the web interface which you can access via


Edit the config to include your Usenet providers server and your own choices as to whether to enable PAR or RAR checking.

Remember, the Linkstation is a NAS box not a high spec PC so don't be too greedy on the number of connections as it might actually make it go slower. For example, I can happily max out a 4Mbit line with 4 connections. Try different numbers and see how you get on.

Neilt0 reports a good speedup using a generous cache limit (reduces HD usage at the expense of some memory usage). Change this in the config screen!

cache_limit = 55000000

You'll also need to set permissions if you wanna be able to do anything with the resulting files

Permissions for Complete dir = 0777




Adding a webfrontend