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Stock Firmware

For the sake of simplicity I will call the set of software that's factory installed on the TeraStation firmware.

The TeraStation is running MontaVista Linux. The actual version used is unknown, and does not matter.

Without hacking it is not possible to figure out what kind of software is used, Buffalo decided to violate the GPL by only releasing the kernel source and not the rest of the sources. Of course the requirement to release the source only covers the GPL portions and doesn't cover anything that Buffalo has written 100% by themselves, but they use more GPLed software, not only the kernel.

You might find some additional information about the firmware here.

To figure out what version of the firmware your TeraStation is using is not easy, as there are two different "version" strings to look at. The flash firmware and the on disk software both have a version number and they're not synchronised. On some occasions, the flash and disk firmware have differed from other TeraStations of the same age and version.

You can capture the version of the flash firmware from the bootloader, but you have to add a [serial console] to be able to do this. If you have telnet or SSH access to your TeraStation then you can log in and look at /proc/linkstation.

The version of the on disk firmware is stored on /etc/linkstation_release and is placed on the admin interface under System Status.

Flash Firmware

The firmware in flash consists of

Have a look at the flash.

Firmware 1.02

Unknown. Came with the v1.01 firmware in Japan.

Firmware 1.03

Unknown. Came with the 1.02β firmware in Japan.

Firmware 1.04

v1.04 was used on Bg's TeraStation which was bought on April 2005 in Germany. Tman bought one TeraStation on April 2005 in the UK with this version, too.

Firmware 1.05

Tman's other TeraStation, also bought on April 2005 in the UK, uses this firmware.

  • disk firmware 1.03
  • 4x Western Digital drives

Other users have reported that their TeraStation which had v1.05 flash firmware came with v1.05 disk software.

  • disk firmware 1.05

bg has updated his TeraStation with this firmware, and on disk firmware 1.05, too.

Firmware 2.00

v1.07 beta comes with the v2.00 bootloader. The v2.00 bootloader has support for the emergency mode like the Linkstation/Kuro Box.

Firmware 2.02

v1.08 comes with the v2.02 bootloader. It is unknown what the differences between v2.00 and v2.02 are so far.

Firmware 2.03

v1.09 comes with the v2.03 bootloader. It is unknown what the differences between v2.02 and v2.03 are so far.

Firmware 2.05

v1.12 comes with the v2.05 bootloader. It is unknown what the differences between v2.03 and v2.05 are so far.

Firmware 2.06

v1.13 comes with the v2.06 bootloader. It is unknown what the differences between v2.05 and v2.06 are so far.

On Disk Firmware

Firmware 1.03

That's the release used on Bg's TeraStation. Which was bought on April 2005 in Germany.

The bootloader is unknown and the used kernel is called Linux version 2.4.20_mvl31-ppc_linkstation

Firmware 1.05

This version fixes the permissions on /www/cgi-bin, so you can no longer hack it.

But there is a firmware update to this version. Thanks to this update Sec and bg were able to create a hacked firmware.

Firmware 1.07

A beta release of this firmware is available from the Japanese Buffalo site.

The permissions on /www/cgi-bin are the same as v1.05 so no CGI hacks are possible.

Firmware 1.08

This firmware has been released in Japan and the US. It is mostly a few bugfixes in the PCast software from 1.07 beta.

Firmware 1.09

This firmware has been released in Japan only currently.

Firmware 1.12

Software is available here:
 the zip file has this to say about Ver 1.11 and 1.12

Ver1.11 - The default disk mode has been changed. (Default : RAID5) - The line feed code of Mail Notification has been corrected. - The sudden reboot and shutdown issue has been corrected. Ver1.12 - Mis-detecting issue of FAN Error has been corrected.

Firmware 1.13

This firmware has been released in Japan only currently.

Firmware 2.01

Also a Japan-only release as of 6 Dec 2005. An attempt to install it with the Japanese installer failed halfway through - could neither read nor understand error message - and left the box without a proper firmware; I had to install the 1.12 US version afterwards. The 2.01 contains an 38 KB "bootcode.img" and a 3 MB "firmimg.bin" instead of the old 4 MB "allimg.bin". Unsure if I can use the new image.dat with the old installer... --Fred 12:14, 6 Dec 2005 (CET)

Firmware 2.02

Appeared 2 days after 2.01. I had a close look at the 2.01/2.02 file system (unzipping it in the dry dock) and found that, instead of sending stuff to the LED/fan/... microcontroller by using "echo XXXX > /dev/ttyS1", they now employ a program named /usr/sbin/miconapl (for examples of use, see /usr/local/bin/*). However, this program is not contained in the firmware image. Duh! If I am not completely mistaken, this means that neither 2.01 nor 2.02 can ever work properly, and a 2.03 is to be expected soon... --Fred 14:33, 8 Dec 2005 (CET)

(NB. 2.02 is mentioned on Japanese web site but not linked correctly. Link has to be guessed:

Firmware Updates

As there are different versions of the firmware available, it should be possible to upgrade it.

While the Japanese site lists two firmware updates, according to the German support there none available here.

Firmware updates have started to appear on the Buffalo US support site. As of 26/06/2005 it has v1.08.

See firmware update for more information.