Spin down the hard drive when idle

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(:note noflushd | This information is not complete! The primary function of noflushd is to use the linux kernel's delayed write mechanisms to buffer file system writes as long as possible. BUT: With ext3/reiser/xfs the linux kernel forces writes to their journals, so noflushd is essentially on our LinkStation setup (we use ext3, to prevent file system checks which would interfere with the watchdog) totally worthless. Hdparm set on boot would do the same job!:)

1. Install the Noflush daemon. Noflushd will automatically spin down the LinkStation hard drive after a defined period of inactivity. Use the command:

apt-get install noflushd

2. You will be prompted to enter a spin down time. The default timeout is 5 minutes (which is probably too low for most people).

3. You may modify /etc/default/noflushd if you wish to change the spin down time.

4. An alternate method for spinning down the hard drive is documented at Articles/DebianHdparm.