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Everyone should post what he has accomplished to do with his Linkstation. New entries should be added to the end.



08:46, 6 July 2006 (EDT) <skype style="mediumicon" action="chat">mindbender500</skype>
Model: Linkstation 1

  • Bootloader: UBoot 2.01 (LNI)
  • running + telnet/ftp/root-enabled firmimg.bin in flash
  • foonas svn 1062 + 2.6.22 on hdd
  • 1 Printer in Front-USB-Port
  • 2 USB-HDDs via a USB-Hub in the Back-USB-Port
  • soldered header for JTAG + i have a JTAG cable created by tampakuro

What i use it for:

  • Kernel-NFS - recording from my dbox2
  • Filesharing - with Mldonkey/transmissioncli
  • wget4web - an Webinterface for wget
  • vsftp-server
  • SVN-Server

Model: Linkstation 1

  • Bootloader: UBoot 2.01 (LNI)
  • Development box for testing

Model: Linkstation Pro

  • FreeLink
  • serial-access
  • Development box for testing

Model: Kurobox

  • needs unbricking via JTAG
  • JTAG headers soldered


11:57, 6 July 2006 (EDT)

Model: Linkstation HG

  • Freelink running Debian Testing with Kernel 2.6.16 via loader.o

What I use it for:

  • Windows file sharing using Samba (stream movies from Windows XP Media Center PC)
  • BitTorrent - with Mldonkey and sancho gui web interface
  • Webmin & VNC for easy admin interface
  • Lighttpd instead of Apache
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Gallery 2 for personal photo album
  • Dyndns updater, ddclient

Future plans:

Retire x86 debian server setup with the following software and use Linkstation instead:

  • Wiki for hockey team


Ramuk 01:23, 12 August 2007 (CEST)


What I use them for:


10:26, 14 July 2006 (EDT)

Model: Linkstation 2

  • Openlink

What i use it for:

  • SMB/CIFS-Server for my Siemens M740AV DVB-T Receiver
  • NFS-Server for dbox2 mplayer (Photo/MP3)
  • ggrab(sserver) for dbox2 recordings
  • DNS Server

Future plans:

  • VoIP Server
  • UPNP AV Server for M740AV/PC-System/Pocket-PC


15:40, 16 July 2006 (GMT)

Model: Linkstation 2

  • Openlink

What i use it for:

  • Streaming music to Sonos music system.
  • Printer server.
  • DDClient - dynamic DNS client.

Future plans:

  • Webmail client.
  • Photo album.


00:49, 12 September 2006 (WEST)

Model: Linkstation 2

  • latest freelink for LS2 (060810 firmware)
  • 1 Printer (HP laserjet 1010 usb) in Back-USB-Port

What I use it for:

  • SMB fileserver - with samba
  • Filesharing - with Mldonkey using sancho gui
  • Web server - with Apache
  • web based configuration - with Webmin
  • client - with ddclient
  • print server - with CUPS

Future plans:

  • FTP server
  • ...


19:39, 13 September 2006 (GMT)

Model: Linkstation 2

  • latest freelink for LS2

What I use it for:

  • SMB fileserver - Media and Shared storage for my computers over Samba
  • Filesharing - with Mldonkey using sancho gui
  • Web based configuration - with Webmin
  • FTP server - with vsftpd

What I think so far:

  • Bl00dy impressed.

Future plans:

  • Mail Server
  • LLMP


08:18, 11 October 2006 (CET)

Model: Linkstation 2

  • latest freelink for LS2 (060810 firmware)

What i use it for:

  • SMB fileserver
  • Filesharing - with Mldonkey using sancho gui
  • Web server - with Apache, PHP & MySQL
  • Web based configuration - with Webmin
  • FTP server - with Proftpd
  • Change to a 320GB Samsung (HD320LD) Drive (originally a 160GB Drive)
  • Change the FAN to SilenX iXtrema Pro 40mm

Future plans:

  • make the LS quieter
  • Photo gallery


08:57, 20 November 2006 (EDT)

Model: Linkstation 2

What I've done to it:

  • Added Serial port
  • Added JTAG Port
  • Read, write, and erase the entire flash contents via JTAG
  • Fully tested JTAG software on it

Future plans:

  • Add USB ports
  • Add microcontroller programming interface
  • Test upcoming U-Boot port
  • Ship it off to the next hacker in line

Davy Gravy

Models - Current: LS-HG stock, LS-HG w/ FreeLink, KuroBox HG ; Previous: LS2

What I've done/basic mods:

  • Tried out stock firmware, moved to OpenLink for short while, now using FreeLink/Debian & 2.6 kernel
  • Flashed the KuroHG and one LS-HG w/ UBoot
  • Flashed that LS-HG w/ kernel/firmimg.bin
  • moved away from the Buffalo-Installer to Kuro-style installs w/ roomy hda1 partitions
  • hda3 partitions w/ XFS and JFS filesystem formats]], since they give a higher transfer rate - around 12.5MB/sec sustained

I use the modded HG for:

  • basic NAS for my family
  • Webmin w/ Syncmin module for automatic backups onto an attached/removable USB HD
  • Firefly Music Server for our Roku, for mp3s and internet radio
  • run hpodder each morning for our favorite podcasts via Roku
  • running Mediaripper on for automated MP3 conversion

The KuroHG is used for:

  • NAS for my student's projects at work/school
  • as a learning tool for Linux, C/C++ and programming in general

Next steps:

  • Sell the 2nd HG that is still stock - I don't need it anymore - now that I see what one can do w/ FreeLink, the stock firmware seems crippled, to me...
  • Buy a LS-Pro/ARM box and learn more


Model: Linkstation 1

  • Freelink running 2.6.20
  • Wireless - not very stable though :-(

What I use it for:

  • Not a great deal at the moment, but I have a cunning plan!!

Model: Linkstation 2

  • Freelink
  • HP Photosmart 7550 in front usb port
  • Xi-tel HI-FI link usb soundcard in back usb port

What I use it for:

  • Stream music via Firefly to my Roku Soundbridge and iTunes on various PC's
  • Stream films, music & photo's via Swisscenter to my Buffalo Linktheater
  • Stream films & music via SMS to various Playstation 2's around the house
  • Filesharing via Torrentflux
  • Printing (IPP) via CUPS
  • Play music on Linkstation via mpd (would like a light weight browser app?)
  • Listen to my music over internet with gnump3d
  • Additional Applaunchpage - for links and to be able to start and stop some apps over the browser


12:30, 25 March 2007 (CST)

Model: Linkstation HD-HGLAN160

  • Firmware: originally v1.42, upgrade to v1.45 (hg-openlink-051b)

What i use it for:

  • Web server - Apache + MySQL + PHP
  • DNS server - BIND
  • Mail server - Postfix, SMTP, POP3, IMAP
  • Webmail - SquirrelMail
  • Photo gallery, music and file storage

Future plans:

  • FTP server
  • Webmail - OpenWebMail



04 Aug 07

2 x LS2. Both boxes running FreeLink. Being used to serve web and email for my domain. Extra configuration for both boxes:

  • relocated bind-mounted /home, /usr and /var directory trees (14% disk usage on hda1)
  • webmin
  • samba
  • rsync backups between the two

Box A running apache2(HTTP/HTTPS) + mysql5 + php5

  • General web dev platform
  • Domain webmail
  • LAN media storage
  • backup of Box B Maildirs

Box B running bind9(DNS) + exim4(SMTP) + dovecot(IMAP)

  • Domain name and email server
  • Backup of Box A www/db and media files

I retired an AMD AthlonXP 1800 running WinXP in favour of these boxes :)


Currently Using:

  • uboot 1.2.0 with fdt via OpenEmbedded for my linkstations
  • foonas of course!

Responsible for:

  • Adding linkstation platforms to OpenEmbedded (LSPro, KuroPro, LS1, LS2, HG)
  • foonas distribution
  • foonas-em distribution - first 2.6 based em-mode utilities in flash for powerpc linkstations with xfs

Both my linkstations are currently being used for foonas development.