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Please post your accomplishments with your Buffalo devices here. New entries should be added to the end.



08:46, 6 July 2006 (EDT)

Model: Linkstation 1

  • Bootloader: UBoot 2.01 (LNI)
  • running + telnet/ftp/root-enabled firmimg.bin in flash
  • foonas svn 1062 + 2.6.22 on hdd
  • 1 Printer in Front-USB-Port
  • 2 USB-HDDs via a USB-Hub in the Back-USB-Port
  • soldered header for JTAG + i have a JTAG cable created by tampakuro

What I use it for:

  • Kernel-NFS - recording from my dbox2
  • Filesharing - with Mldonkey/transmissioncli
  • wget4web - an Webinterface for wget
  • vsftp-server
  • SVN-Server

Model: Linkstation 1

  • Bootloader: UBoot 2.01 (LNI)
  • Development box for testing

Model: Linkstation Pro

  • FreeLink
  • serial-access
  • Development box for testing

Model: Kurobox HG

  • JTAG headers soldered - unbricked via JTAG


11:57, 6 July 2006 (EDT)

Model: Linkstation HG

  • Freelink running Debian Testing with Kernel 2.6.16 via loader.o

What I use it for:

  • Windows file sharing using Samba (stream movies from Windows XP Media Center PC)
  • BitTorrent - with Mldonkey and sancho gui web interface
  • Webmin & VNC for easy admin interface
  • Lighttpd instead of Apache
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Gallery 2 for personal photo album
  • Dyndns updater, ddclient

Future plans:

Retire x86 debian server setup with the following software and use Linkstation instead:

  • Wiki for hockey team


Ramuk 17:38, 14 August 2008 (BST)


What I use them for:


10:26, 14 July 2006 (EDT)

Model: Linkstation 2

  • Openlink

What i use it for:

  • SMB/CIFS-Server for my Siemens M740AV DVB-T Receiver
  • NFS-Server for dbox2 mplayer (Photo/MP3)
  • ggrab(sserver) for dbox2 recordings
  • DNS Server

Future plans:

  • VoIP Server
  • UPNP AV Server for M740AV/PC-System/Pocket-PC


15:40, 16 July 2006 (GMT)

Model: Linkstation 2

  • Openlink

What i use it for:

  • Streaming music to Sonos music system.
  • Printer server.
  • DDClient - dynamic DNS client.

Future plans:

  • Webmail client.
  • Photo album.


00:49, 12 September 2006 (WEST)

Model: Linkstation 2

  • latest freelink for LS2 (060810 firmware)
  • 1 Printer (HP laserjet 1010 usb) in Back-USB-Port

What I use it for:

  • SMB fileserver - with samba
  • Filesharing - with Mldonkey using sancho gui
  • Web server - with Apache
  • web based configuration - with Webmin
  • client - with ddclient
  • print server - with CUPS

Future plans:

  • FTP server
  • ...


19:39, 13 September 2006 (GMT)

Model: Linkstation 2

  • latest freelink for LS2

What I use it for:

  • SMB fileserver - Media and Shared storage for my computers over Samba
  • Filesharing - with Mldonkey using sancho gui
  • Web based configuration - with Webmin
  • FTP server - with vsftpd

What I think so far:

  • Bl00dy impressed.

Future plans:

  • Mail Server
  • LLMP


08:18, 21 January 2009 (CET)

Model: Linkstation Live 1000

  • latest freelink for LSPro

What I use it for:

  • SMB/NFS fileserver
  • Filesharing - with Mldonkey using sancho gui
  • Web server - with Apache, PHP & MySQL
  • Web based configuration - with Webmin
  • FTP server - with Proftpd
  • MRTG

Harddisk upgraded from 500GB to 1000GB (WD Caviar Green - WD10EADS)


08:57, 20 November 2006 (EDT)

Model: Linkstation 2

What I've done to it:

  • Added Serial port
  • Added JTAG Port
  • Read, write, and erase the entire flash contents via JTAG
  • Fully tested JTAG software on it

Future plans:

  • Add USB ports
  • Add microcontroller programming interface
  • Test upcoming U-Boot port
  • Ship it off to the next hacker in line

Davy Gravy

Models - Current: LS-HG stock, LS-HG w/ FreeLink, KuroBox HG ; Previous: LS2

What I've done/basic mods:

  • Tried out stock firmware, moved to OpenLink for short while, now using FreeLink/Debian & 2.6 kernel
  • Flashed the KuroHG and one LS-HG w/ UBoot
  • Flashed that LS-HG w/ kernel/firmimg.bin
  • moved away from the Buffalo-Installer to Kuro-style installs w/ roomy hda1 partitions
  • hda3 partitions w/ XFS and JFS filesystem formats]], since they give a higher transfer rate - around 12.5MB/sec sustained

I use the modded HG for:

  • basic NAS for my family
  • Webmin w/ Syncmin module for automatic backups onto an attached/removable USB HD
  • Firefly Music Server for our Roku, for mp3s and internet radio
  • run hpodder each morning for our favorite podcasts via Roku
  • running Mediaripper on for automated MP3 conversion

I picked up a used LS1 on eBay for about $25:

  • put U-Boot, foonas, and foonas-em on it
  • added Transmission (bittorrent client) and p910nd (printserver)
  • use it in tandem w/ a Buffalo Router (running Tomato)
  • these two devices replace my Apple AirPort BaseStation Extreme

The KuroHG is used for:

  • NAS for my student's projects at work/school
  • as a learning tool for Linux, C/C++ and programming in general

Next steps:

  • Sell the 2nd HG that is still stock - I don't need it anymore - now that I see what one can do w/ FreeLink, the stock firmware seems crippled, to me...
  • OK, Debian is nice, but something more fitting for an NAS device, like foonas, is more interesting.
  • Buy a LS-Pro/ARM box and learn more (July 2008 - OK, I did that, and lately I've made a Netconsole UBoot for LSPro boxes, & a Debian/Armel image for LSPro's and KuroPro's)


Model: Linkstation 1

  • Freelink running 2.6.20
  • Wireless - not very stable though :-(

What I use it for:

  • Not a great deal at the moment, but I have a cunning plan!!

Model: Linkstation 2

  • Freelink
  • HP Photosmart 7550 in front usb port
  • Xi-tel HI-FI link usb soundcard in back usb port

What I use it for:

  • Stream music via Firefly to my Roku Soundbridge and iTunes on various PC's
  • Stream films, music & photo's via Swisscenter to my Buffalo Linktheater
  • Stream films & music via SMS to various Playstation 2's around the house
  • Filesharing via Torrentflux
  • Printing (IPP) via CUPS
  • Play music on Linkstation via mpd (would like a light weight browser app?)
  • Listen to my music over internet with gnump3d
  • Additional Applaunchpage - for links and to be able to start and stop some apps over the browser


12:30, 25 March 2007 (CST)

Model: Linkstation HD-HGLAN160

  • Firmware: originally v1.42, upgrade to v1.45 (hg-openlink-051b)

What i use it for:

  • Web server - Apache + MySQL + PHP
  • DNS server - BIND
  • Mail server - Postfix, SMTP, POP3, IMAP
  • Webmail - SquirrelMail
  • Photo gallery, music and file storage

Future plans:

  • FTP server
  • Webmail - OpenWebMail


04 Aug 07

2 x LS2. Both boxes running FreeLink. Being used to serve web and email for my domain. Extra configuration for both boxes:

  • relocated bind-mounted /home, /usr and /var directory trees (14% disk usage on hda1)
  • webmin
  • samba
  • rsync backups between the two

Box A running apache2(HTTP/HTTPS) + mysql5 + php5

  • General web dev platform
  • Domain webmail
  • LAN media storage
  • backup of Box B Maildirs

Box B running bind9(DNS) + exim4(SMTP) + dovecot(IMAP)

  • Domain name and email server
  • Backup of Box A www/db and media files

I retired an AMD AthlonXP 1800 running WinXP in favour of these boxes :)


Currently Using:

  • u-boot 1.2.0 with fdt via OpenEmbedded for PowerPC Linkstations
  • foonas as main distro and foonas-em in flash

Responsible for:

  • Adding Buffalo NAS devices and many other platforms to OpenEmbedded (LSPro, KuroPro, LS1, LS2, HG)
  • foonas distribution
  • foonas-em distribution - first 2.6 based em-mode utilities in flash for PowerPC and MIPSel based linkstations with next gen filesystem support
  • foonas-iscsi distribution
  • Managing and

All my NAS devices are currently being used for foonas/foonas-em/foonas-iscsi development.


17:14, 24 Jan 2008 (CET)

2 x LS HS (400GB harddisk) . Both boxes running FreeLink.

Model: Linkstation HS No. 1

What i use it for:

  • ssh backup server
  • twonkyvision mediaserver

Model: Linkstation HS No. 2

What i use it for:

  • ssh backup server
  • svn server


12:15, 24 February 2008 (CST)
Linkstation Pro V1
Reflashed to Freelink
Expanded files and all reset to ext3 filesystem.
Updated Kernel, Installed Webmin, Samba and Firefly.
Stream my .mp3 files to RhythmBox on my Debian Etch Computer.
All my photos as .jpg are accessed by Samba on my home network.


21:24, 25 February 2008 (GMT)

Kurobox HG WR: Hardware:

  • Seagate Barracuda 200GB HDD


  • Boot-loader: U-Boot 1.2.0
  • EM system: foonas-em 0.0.8-r2
  • kernel:
  • OS: Gentoo

Function: To run SlimDevices' SlimServer music-streaming server application 24/7.

Speciality software:

  • Squeezecenter 7.0 beta
  • Samba - for music file transfer


  • To replace the HDD with something larger as, with all my music being in lossless flac format, I only have about 5% free space.
  • Possibly get another Kuro or similar and hack away coz the past month or so has got me hooked again...


7 January 2009

Linkstation Live v2 (1TB):

  • Kernel 2.6.28
  • USB Sound card
  • mpd
  • Print server (With connected Samsung ML-1640): Works both as postscript and raw queue, although it takes while as postscript (~2mins to print test page from CUPS!). Avoid Canon CAPT printers (e.g. LBP-2900) as these will not work with raw queue and the drivers are x86 only.
  • File server: Mounting of shares using NFS and sshfs possible. NFS is used within the network and sshfs can be used for external connections. Music succesfully "streamed" from Paris to Edinburgh!

Function: To play music in a manner controllable from any of my computers. General file storage. Print server.


11:19PM 8 January 2009 (EDT)

Model: Linkstation 1

  • Openlink 0.52b
  • print server
  • NTP timeserver
  • byRequest media server for TiVo
  • no longer in use

Model: Kurobox HG

  • Customized version of Openlink 0.73b
 * supports unlimited number of USB hard drives (I've mounted and shared 5)
 * all flash drives supported (at least all I've tested)
 * able to use web interface to hide /mnt folders from Samba and Appletalk
  • 500GB hard drive
  • Filesharing (music files, pictures, all downloads from internet
  • NTP time server for 6 networked computers
  • IMAP e-mail server, which allows us to access our e-mail from all local computers
 * Fetchmail collects e-mail from 9 different accounts
 * Spambayes is used to filter out spam (very effective)
 * Dovecot is the IMAP server
  • FTP, Telnet and sshd running

Model: Kurobox HG

  • Customized Openlink 0.73b as above
  • 350 GB hard drive
  • development system
 * has all the development tools to compile and install above software
  • runs standard Kurobox kernel and kernel 2.6
  • runs Samba 2 and Samba 3
  • recent work was to complete the mkcode, mkshinfo, parse_usbscsi scripts initially developed by sylver
  • The script has been modified to properly mount and unmount usb drives
 * as noted above, these scripts let you use and share an unlimited number of usb hard drive and flash drives
 * also supports automounting of usb cd-roms (not recommended).
 * in other words, hot plugging works the way it is supposed to.
  • runs avr_evtd
  • its serial port is enabled
  • write_ng is used early in the boot sequence and write_ok is used at the very end.
  • The combination of the last two points allows me to easily work around any boot lockups without having to re-flash