SwissCenter - server for the ShowCenter, LinkPlayer and LinkTheatre

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You will need to install:

  1. Apache
  2. PHP
  3. MySQL
  4. GD (for this I simply did a...)
apt-get install php4-gd

Need a command line version of PHP

apt-get install php4-cli

Need Truetype font 'luxisr'

apt-get install ttf-xfree86-nonfree


Create a swisscenter directory in apache's DocumentRoot (/var/www)

mkdir /var/www/swisscenter

Download Swisscenter into previously created directory

cd /var/www/swisscenter

Unzip the downloaded file


Change user:group

chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/swisscenter


Now you will need to create a file in apache to see swisscenter

pico /etc/apache/conf.d/swisscenter.conf 

and add this to that file

 # SwissCenter Apache Virtual Host Configuration file
Listen 8080
<VirtualHost _default_:8080>
       DocumentRoot "/var/www/swisscenter"
       <Directory "/var/www/swisscenter">
               Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
               AllowOverride None
               Order allow,deny
               Allow from all
       <IfModule mod_dir.c>
               DirectoryIndex index.html index.php

Restart apache

/etc/init.d/apache restart

Run it

Go to your Swisscenter on your Linkstation


and if you get MySQL errors

pico  /etc/apache/httpd.conf 

comment out port 80 and add Listen 80 underneath


Now goto Swisscenter config on your Linkstation


and hopefully you'll see this:


Set up the databases and point it to your media and you should be away! In order to be able to get weather forecasts, internet radio and updates you will need to

pico /var/www/swisscenter/base/server.php

and add change

if ( $sock = @fsockopen('', 80, $temp, $temp, 0.5)) //


if ( $sock = @fsockopen('', 80, $temp, $temp, 0.5)) //

Once it's configured


and you should see this:



In the event of something not working as it should, do this and ask for help

Create a file to see your php settings

pico /var/www/swisscenter/config/test_php.php 

and put this in it


It should output your PHP settings when you try to reach it, check for MySQL support


Create a file to check you MySQL settings

pico /var/www/swisscenter/config/test_mysql.php 

and put this in it

echo mysql_pconnect('swiss','swisscenter','swisscenter');

Try and access it and see what it gives you



These are on a pc so it doesn't show up quite right.

Today's Weather Week's Weather Change City Internet Radio Internet Radio Listen to Music Browse Video

More screenshots can be seen from here

Bauldrick 09:22, 4 July 2006 (EDT)

Many thanks to REDSOLO'S guide where most of this info comes from.