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You will need to install:

  1. MIPSel Tools
  2. MySQL
  3. Apache
  4. PHP
  5. GD


Create a swisscenter directory in apache's DocumentRoot (/mnt/hda/opt/apache/htdocs) : ((note I did not change it as in the docs e.g share/www))

mkdir /mnt/hda/opt/apache/htdocs/swisscenter

Download Swisscenter into previously created directory

cd /mnt/hda/opt/apache/htdocs/swisscenter
wget http://www.swisscenter.co.uk/downloads/swisscenter.zip

Unzip the downloaded file

unzip swisscenter.zip

Change user:group

chown -R nobody:nogroup /mnt/hda/opt/apache/htdocs/swisscenter

Restart apache

/mnt/hda/opt/apache/bin/apachectl restart

Run it

Go to your Swisscenter on your Linkstation


Hopefully you will see this message

   You have not created a database.

Please use the Configuration Utility to create a database

Now goto Swisscenter config on your Linkstation


and hopefully you'll see this:


Set up the databases and point it to your media and you should be away! In order to be able to get weather forecasts, internet radio and updates you will need to

vi /mnt/hda/opt/apache/htdocs/swisscenter/base/server.php

and add change

if ( $sock = @fsockopen('', 80, $temp, $temp, 0.5)) // www.google.com


if ( $sock = @fsockopen('google.com', 80, $temp, $temp, 0.5)) // www.google.com

Once it's configured


and you should see this:



In the event of something not working as it should, do this and ask for help

Create a file to see your php settings

vi /mnt/hda/opt/apache/htdocs/swisscenter/config/test_php.php 

and put this in it


It should output your PHP settings when you try to reach it, check for MySQL support


Create a file to check you MySQL settings

vi /mnt/hda/opt/apache/htdocs/swisscenter/config/test_mysql.php 

and put this in it

echo mysql_pconnect('swiss','swisscenter','swisscenter');

Try and access it and see what it gives you