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[[Image:Ts-pro-1.jpg|thumb|right|TeraStation Pro]]
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[[Image:TSLive.jpg|thumb|right|120px|TeraStation Live]]
[[Image:TSLive.jpg|thumb|right|120px|TeraStation Live]]
[[Image:TS-HTGL_mainboard_front.jpg|thumb|right|120px|TS-HTGL Mainboard Front]]
[[Image:TS-HTGL_mainboard_front.jpg|thumb|right|120px|TS-HTGL Mainboard Front]]

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TeraStation Pro
TeraStation Live
TS-HTGL Mainboard Front

TeraStation Pro

TeraStation Pro™ - TS-TGL (PowerPC)

Reliability and redundancy are key for the TeraStation Pro. Based on a similar design to the original TeraStation, the TeraStation Pro is built for the demands of business and professional usage. The TeraStation Pro offers features targeted to businesses, such as Active Directory integration, a heavy-duty power supply and cooling system, quick-swap SATA hard drives, and a status LCD. The TeraStation Pro is best suited for business and professional users who desire maximum reliability.

TeraStation Pro™ II - TS-HTGL (ARM)

The TeraStation Pro II is the second generation TeraStation Pro, featuring drastically improved network performance and support for more RAID levels. Reliability and redundancy are key for the TeraStation Pro II. The TeraStation Pro II is built for the demands of business and professional usage. The TeraStation Pro II offers features targeted to businesses, such as Active Directory integration, DFS support, a heavy-duty power supply and cooling system, quick-swap SATA hard drives, and a status LCD. The TeraStation Pro II is best suited for business and professional users who desire maximum reliability.

TeraStation Live™ - HS-DHTGL (ARM9)

Massive storage for your home or SOHO network, all with the peace of mind of RAID 5. RAID 5 continually provides redundancy, protecting your data from a drive failure. Built-in DLNA™ multimedia server allows you to stream multimedia content directly to any DLNA device on your network. The TeraStation Live offers Active Directory integration, a heavy-duty power supply and cooling system, quick-swap SATA hard drives, and a status LCD. TeraStation Live is best suited for home and SOHO users who want reliable RAID 5 NAS and the ability to stream multimedia content to their entertainment devices. Available capacities: 1.0 TB, 2.0 TB


Second generation (TeraStation Pro) Third generation (TeraStation Pro II, TeraStation Live)
CPU Freescale MPC8241 (PowerPC) Marvell Orion (ARM)
Gigabit Ethernet RealTek Marvell
Serial ATA Silicon Image Marvell
USB NEC NEC (package miniaturization)
LCD Controller NEC Custom?
DRAM Micron Elpida
Flash ST ST

Benchmark results

Manufacturer name Buffalo Logitec
I-O Data
Type Ts-pro-1.jpg TS-H1.0TGL
TeraStation Pro II
(3rd generation)
Ts-pro-1.jpg TS-1.0TGL
TeraStation Pro
(2nd generation)
TeraStation.jpg HD-HT1.0TGL
(1st generation)
Processor architecture ARM PowerPC PowerPC PowerPC ARM
Setting of jumbo frames Invalidity Validity Validity Validity Invalidity Validity Validity Validity Validity Validity
Frame size
1,518 4,102 7,422 9,694 1,518 4,100 7,418 8,000 7,418 9,000
FDBench 1.01
10254 12401 14350 13722 8944 13230 13847 11641 14739 11035
Read 19976 24538 26961 25793 10534 12270 14992 21275 19501 17288
Write 2215 2252 2100 2226 6971 13539 12458 9510 14275 4052
Random Read 15564 19556 25006 23567 11598 15676 16381 7379 13265 19047
Random Write 3261 3260 3333 3301 6673 11436 11557 8401 11915 3753
Copy 1718 1711 1795 1817 5685 8985 9435 13580 10971 4943
2K 24 23 24 24 319 326 325 498 577 174
32K 377 372 351 368 3468 4160 4262 6496 6579 2240
256K 3006 2882 2992 2941 8511 13598 14284 20702 16691 8140
Variable 3465 3569 3813 3936 10444 17856 18869 26624 20038 9218
831MB file (871,774,212bytes)
From NAS