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I removed this section for the time being. Other modules need to be considered. Different kernel versions

Install NFS-Server


 cd /tmp

Get the latest kernel nfs-server:


untar it:

 tar -C / -xzvf nfs-kernel-server_jtymod_v2.tar.gz



At last you need a kernel update with freelink. Therefor download freelink and make ONLY an "Update KERNEL" via LSUpdater at Debugmode. Don't forget to disable "Update BOOT", "Update INITRD" and "Update ROOTFS".

Kaiten - 7th Nov 07

Note on TeraStation Pro II

The apc_commander method successfully enables Telnet on TeraStation Pro II up to Firmware level 1.33. A number of users have reported problems when trying to enable Telnet on Firmware 1.35. Firmware must be downgraded to 1.33 to enable firmware.

Iondah - 30 Oct 2010