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TeraStation Pro Hacking Talk

Recoving Deleted Files?

I had someone delete some files on my TeraStation Rpo 1.6Tb and I'm trying to figure out how to recover them. Any help would be appreciated.
-Mike 25 May 2006

The TeraStation has a trashbox folder where it moves the files to you delete. Other than that you're out of luck. None of the journaling filesystems for Linux support undeleting, in fact most (I checked for ext3, xfs and jfs) are designed to make undeleting files non trivial. For all of them you must collect the bits from the harddisk and reassembly your files manually.
--Bg 07:57, 26 May 2006 (CEST)

4x750GB drives

I've applied the patched firmware by Entropy, and it works fine for ssh.
The only issue I've got at the moment is the raid configuration on disks. It won't make a partition (per disk) larger than 585 GB (they're 750GB's), resulting in a RAID 5 array of only 1.6 TB (Should be 2.25TB?). Is this a limitation of the OS, or perhaps (I'm guessing) it was because the firmware came from a 1.6 TB Terastation Pro?
Does someone know how to change this? TIA...

--Chay 23 May 2006
If you have installed a hacked formware, or are willing to do so, I'd like to see a full dmesg. This might give us some hints.
--Bg 07:57, 26 May 2006 (CEST)
Just point to where, and I'll install it. I picked up another 300GB Terastation Pro for tinkering.
--Chay 10 June 2006 (JST)
--MrHorizontal 23 Jun 2006
Simple answer: The Terastation is a 32bit machine: 32bit max storage is 2TB... we'll need 64bit chips and 64bit linux in it to get more than 2TB out of it. Most RAID cards however allow for more actual disk space so long as the whole array size (including any striping ie RAID5) does not exceed 2TB. You should be able to have 2x 1.5TB partitions by making 2 RAID0 arrays...

Of course 2 RAID0 arrays isn't very fault tolerant, so perhaps a 1.5TB RAID 01 / 10 array may be possible, but I'm not sure if the Terastation can cascade arrays.

Beta Firmware?

Why is the firmware referred to as a beta firmware? It's listed as a firmware upgrade on their site with no reference to beta.

When I added the link, it was called beta.
--Bg 07:57, 26 May 2006 (CEST)

Partition Size Limitations

The 0.6-2.0 TB Terastations use the same firmware. Therefore, it shouldn't be a limitation of the particular firmware (by the way, the firmware I posted was for my 1.0TB Terastation, not the 1.6TB - not that it should matter at all). The Terastations use the Linux 2.4 kernel, and as far as I know, there is a 2TB partition size limit. I'm not sure how that would play out with RAID though. Perhaps that caps the largest Terastation to 2TB (minus the RAID5 overhead).

Web Server

The TsP includes Apache Web server.

The first step in hacking the Tsp is to install the firmware with dropbear and login using Putty.

A link to the firmware is available on the TeraStationPro page. Use the unofficial firmware at Copy the image.dat file over the official image.dat file in the official firmware package and update the firmware. An alternate firmware appears on

Go to for instructions to configure additional web sites in Apache.

That will get you SSH. Use Putty to access the TsP. From there you can do anything you want. You will need to edit the apache config file at /etc/apache/httpd.conf and create the directory where you want to store your web page files. I'd create the location with the web admin share manager first. it will wind up in /mnt/array1/WHATEVER so you can access it through the regualr ftp server and SMB shares. You will also need to restart the apache server (or just the entire TsP after editing the apache configuration file.


What version of Linux is on the TsP? I think what I want might be a bit beyond the scope of the Terastation. Here is what I would like to do... I would like to access the TsP and install a newer version of Linux with a UI. Then I would like add MySql and host my .Net web sites on the box. I would also like to install an email server of some kind. Basically I want to turn my TsP into a Linux PC. Is this possible? Also I have been spoilt over the past 10 years with gui interfaces and have not have much Unix experience, so I need to know where to look to get help working with the Linux kernal.

The hardware is essentially the same as a Kurobox HG except the Kuro uses PATA and the TsP uses SATA. I'd start your research at . Of particular use might me my All in One Contest entry. Regarding the Kernel, updating it is going to be a bit of work. I would stick with the 2.4.20 kernel that is stock for the web server and mail server as they don't require a 2.6 kernel to work.

So how do I do it? Can someone write some pointers for people usually used to Windows, how to do something with the box? I have installed the firmware, and can putty into the server. But now what do I do? What CAN I do?

Once you login using putty and your admin account all you have to do is type "sudo -s" at the prompt and retype your password. Now you are root and have full access to the entire system. Heed the warning and be careful. I installed wizd the other evening and am considering making it do double duty as an mp3 player, but first I need to compile loader.o and build a 2.6 kernel.

I do what you suggest. I get this result...

BUFFALO INC. TeraStation series TS-TGL(IENARI)
TS-TGL161 login: admin
dmin@TS-TGL161:~$ sudo -s
sudo: can't stat /etc/sudoers: No such file or directory

Is there a good book or place to go to learn all of this stuff? What am I doing wrong?

The image should come with a sudoers file, if not, it's broken. Maybe I've to check it out.
--Bg 14:38, 22 June 2006 (CEST)

The image is fine Bg. I installed it the other day and it is working just as described

Proftpd Configuration

At some point my /etc/proftpd.conf file has been cleared out. The file is there, but is completely blank. Since it is blank, I assume it uses some built-in default values because when I did get it to work, it defaults to /home as the root FTP directory. Could someone please post their /etc/proftpd.conf file.

(Another issue is that Proftpd tries to create a scoreboard file at /var/proftpd/proftpd.scoreboard instead of /var/run/proftpd.scoreboard. /var/proftpd does not exist on the mounted /dev/shm. I have to add a line to a script so that the /var/proftpd directory is created each time the Terastation Pro is rebooted.)