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==Use this template to add categories:==
==Use this template to add categories:==
  <nowiki>{{Template:Articles|</nowiki><font color=red><CAT1></font><nowiki>|<CAT2>|<CAT3>|<CAT4>|<CAT5>|<CAT6>|<CAT7>|<CAT8>}}</nowiki>
  <nowiki>{{Template:Articles|</nowiki><font color=red><CAT1></font><nowiki>|.....|<CAT7>|<CAT8>}}</nowiki>

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Use this template to add categories:




By default

[[Category:All Pages]] 

is added


will be added if you have a value there (eg:<CAT1>). This can be done for up to 8 additional categories (ie <CAT1>,<CAT2> etc...) or no additional categories.

Add this template to the top of all articles