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FreeLink is our effort to provide firmware which “frees” your LinkStation The FreeLink firmware is built upon the most recent official LinkStation firmware release. It replaces the stock LinkStation Linux build with the latest stable Debian build. Debian is one of the most popular Linux distributions. Debian is highly regarded for its simple interface and powerful package repository. The price for this is that you will lose the web based configuration tool shipped with the stock firmware - if you are familiar with Linux and your LinkStation, this should be no problem (otherwise you should consider this fact).

Taken from: http://www.debian.org/logos/


Find out which version is the latest for your LinkStation and grab it from:

  1. http://downloads.linkstationwiki.net/LS1_PPC/Distributions/Freelink/ - For LS1
  2. http://downloads.linkstationwiki.net/LS2_MIPSel/Distributions/Freelink/ - For LS2
  3. http://downloads.linkstationwiki.net/LSHG_PPC/Distributions/Freelink/ - For HG
  4. http://downloads.linkstationwiki.net/LSPro_ARM9/Distributions/Freelink/ - For Pro

Install the firmware per the instructions at:

  1. LS1,LS2,HG/HS - The LinkStation firmware flasher and Follow the Instructions at: Freelink - Convert the LinkStation into a Full-fledged Debian Linux Server
  2. LSPRO - FreeLink for the Linkstation Pro

Apt-get (Advanced Packaging Tool)

APT-GET (Advanced Packaging Tool) is the package management system used in FreeLink firmware. This is the package management system in Debian Linux that enables you to easily install additional software. There are many Debian Specific Articles in the Wiki.

Note that many of the packages configuration's require that the 'hostname -f' command works correctly, so it's normally worth ensuring that this is so (via DNS & /etc/resolv.conf or directly via /etc/hosts) before using this or the other related tools such as aptitude or dselect.