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*<font color=orange>'''Consider [[Linkstationwiki:Site_support|donating]] to this Wiki! <paypal></paypal>'''</font>We would need to get a LS2 permanently for development and testing of Mipsel-Openlink & We would need temporary access to a Linkstation HS (Homeserver) so we are able to get the 2.6-kernel running stable on it.  
*<font color=orange>'''Consider donating to this Wiki! - [http://www.nas-central.org/donations Site Support]'''</font><br>Please think about a donation - [http://forum.buffalo.nas-central.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=21957 The 2010 NAS Central Donation Drive]<br>
*<font color=red>'''Feel free to add some useful stuff!'''</font><br> There are some articles out there that are currently empty and which maybe of main interest! Look inside: [[:Category:Stubs]]
*<font color=green>'''We do not have pictures of the components of the LS2, HG and HS boards.'''</font> <br>If you have to open one of the models please make some high quality [[Special:Newimages|photos]], name them correctly and [[Special:Upload|upload]] them.
*<font color=green>'''Become a betatester!'''</font> <br>If you feel comfortable with linux and you want to test the latest stuff [[BetaTesters|join the team ... Sign Up Here]].
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