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'''2.1.08: Happy new year! wiki & forum maintainance scheduled on Saturday 5th Jan 07, 5 pm UTC'''<br>
'''2.1.08: Happy new year! wiki & forum maintainance scheduled on Saturday 5th Jan 07, 5 pm UTC'''<br>
expected length 2 hours [[User:Mindbender|Mindbender]]
expected length 2 hours [[User:Mindbender|Mindbender]]
'''26.12.07: [http://forum.nas-central.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=4717 Missing sources in the user-dirs and upload-folder in the downloadsection]'''<br>
Anyone with access to the downloadsection please help, thanks. [[User:Mindbender|Mindbender]]
'''25.12.07: Merry christmas from the nas-central.org team :)'''
'''19.11.07: [http://forum.nas-central.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=4473 Status of Development - 19.11.07]
'''19.11.07: LS Pro/LS Live v1 Boot Modes'''<br>
Note the 2 different melodies. There are reports that this does not work on the v2 hardware. (Someone with serial please check what happens when the reset button is pressed on the v2)
'''12.11.07: [[Disassemble_the_TSPROv2/TSLIVE]]'''<br>
Here you see some info regarding JTAG/serial/PCIe x1 on these boxes:<br>
[[image:CIMG3092_resize.JPG|100px|[[help:contents|Pads for JTAG/Serial and Holes for PCIe x1]]]]<br>
'''8.11.07: [http://forum.nas-central.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=4383 Migration of terastation.org wiki content to nas-central.org] '''<br>
Help transfering over the content of the terastation.org wiki to this one here!  <br>[[Migration_of_terawiki|Wiki page for coordination]]
'''7.11.07: [[Install_The_2007_PPC_Gentoo|Updated 2007 Gentoo Image available for PPC Linkstations/Kuroboxes]]<br>
[http://forum.nas-central.org/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=4349 Release Thread]
'''15.10.07: [http://forum.nas-central.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=4075&p=39162#p39162 Optware bootstrap-files available for LS Pro/LS Live and Tera Pro v2/Tera Live]<br>
Currently there are no kernel modules inside...which will change via a seperate feed. But there are loads of packages!
'''11.9.07: Also notice the new page about the [http://nas-central.org/ALL_COMMUNITIES/Collection_of_NAS-Hacking_communities.html global overview over all NAS-hacking-Communities].'''<br>
I hope it helps NAS-Users in general to find to their NAS-Community the first time more easily.
'''11.9.07: While we are fixing hundreds of links review the [[Linkstationwiki.NET_history|history of LinkStationwiki.net]]. Also checkout the [[Linkstationwiki.ORG_history|history of LinkStationwiki.org]] if you want to know how everything started.
'''10.9.07: [http://forum.nas-central.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=3962 We are nas-central.org now!]'''
'''8.9.07: Howto: [[Resizing_the_system_partition_with_parted_magic_live_cd|Resizing the system partition with parted magic live cd]]'''
'''8.9.07: [http://forum.nas-central.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=3952 The Server has been installed at osuosl.]'''<br>
The plans are to have everything moved within a week (in case nothing unexpected happens).

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19.8.08: Howto: Enable Debugmode in lsupdater.exe

Its the same for all lsupdater.exe for boxes in the arm9 range (LS Pro v1/v2 , LS Live v1/v2, Tera Pro v2, Tera Live)

15.3.08: LS Pro DUO - Bug in bundled lsupdater.exe
A fix was provided by buffalo.

9.3.08: Howto: Overclock the Kurobox Pro/Linkstation Pro/Linkstation Live
Original source for the v2-hardware was this japanese article. thx to dommer we now have instructions for the v1 hardware. (Comparison v1 vs v2)

3.3.08: Pictures & Info from the LS-HGL

26.2.08: Forums & Downloadsection moved

3.2.08: Please participate in this vote

28.1.08: Attempt to summarize all opinions

24.1.08: Noteworthy post from the WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?-Thread
Read it. Mindbender

19.1.08: Please read WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!? and post your opinion. Mindbender

15.1.08: The cs05q3armel-optware-feed was reported to be working on the Linkstation EZ aka LS-LGL by mobster in IRC!
You need to follow the LS-Pro bootstrapping steps. Mindbender

13.1.08: The cs05q3armel-optware-feed is working on the Linkstation Pro DUO!
I enhanced the bootstrap instructions so you just need to read them and follow them step by step. Mindbender

12.1.08: info + pics from the Linkstation Pro DUO
very similar to the rest of the arm9-boxes, acp_commander works. Mindbender

12.1.08: Reorganized Wiki Sidebar, added 2 new forum sections for the LS EX(LS-LGL) and the LS Pro DUO. Mindbender

5.1.08: the buffalo wiki from nas-central.org was moved to buffalo.nas-central.org and a general, vendor independent wiki was placed at nas-central.org

Take a look at the new subwikis of nas-central.org (by clicking on the links in the "nas-central-links"-box on the left in the navigation-bar) and the new blog! Mindbender

2.1.08: Happy new year! wiki & forum maintainance scheduled on Saturday 5th Jan 07, 5 pm UTC
expected length 2 hours Mindbender