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'''21.4.08:[http://blog.nas-central.org/2008/04/18/2625-released-support-for-marvell-orion-socs-now-in-the-vanilla-kernel/ 2.6.25 released - Support for Marvell Orion SoC`s now in the vanilla kernel]'''
'''21.4.08: [http://blog.nas-central.org/2008/04/18/2625-released-support-for-marvell-orion-socs-now-in-the-vanilla-kernel/ 2.6.25 released - Support for Marvell Orion SoC`s now in the vanilla kernel]'''
'''4.4.08: [http://buffalo.nas-central.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=7136 Pictures from the Kurobox Slim]'''
'''4.4.08: [http://buffalo.nas-central.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=7136 Pictures from the Kurobox Slim]'''

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21.4.08: 2.6.25 released - Support for Marvell Orion SoC`s now in the vanilla kernel

4.4.08: Pictures from the Kurobox Slim

28.3.08: Registration problems fixed.

27.3.08: We currently have registration problems in the forums and the wiki here.
We hope we can fix these problems soon.

19.3.08: Howto: Enable Debugmode in lsupdater.exe

Its the same for all lsupdater.exe for boxes in the arm9 range (LS Pro v1/v2 , LS Live v1/v2, Tera Pro v2, Tera Live)

15.3.08: LS Pro DUO - Bug in bundled lsupdater.exe
A fix was provided by buffalo.

9.3.08: Howto: Overclock the Kurobox Pro/Linkstation Pro/Linkstation Live
Original source for the v2-hardware was this japanese article. thx to dommer we now have instructions for the v1 hardware. (Comparison v1 vs v2)

3.3.08: Pictures & Info from the LS-HGL

26.2.08: Forums & Downloadsection moved

3.2.08: Please participate in this vote

28.1.08: Attempt to summarize all opinions

24.1.08: Noteworthy post from the WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?-Thread
Read it. Mindbender

19.1.08: Please read WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!? and post your opinion. Mindbender

15.1.08: The cs05q3armel-optware-feed was reported to be working on the Linkstation EZ aka LS-LGL by mobster in IRC!
You need to follow the LS-Pro bootstrapping steps. Mindbender

13.1.08: The cs05q3armel-optware-feed is working on the Linkstation Pro DUO!
I enhanced the bootstrap instructions so you just need to read them and follow them step by step. Mindbender

12.1.08: info + pics from the Linkstation Pro DUO
very similar to the rest of the arm9-boxes, acp_commander works. Mindbender

12.1.08: Reorganized Wiki Sidebar, added 2 new forum sections for the LS EX(LS-LGL) and the LS Pro DUO. Mindbender

5.1.08: the buffalo wiki from nas-central.org was moved to buffalo.nas-central.org and a general, vendor independent wiki was placed at nas-central.org

Take a look at the new subwikis of nas-central.org (by clicking on the links in the "nas-central-links"-box on the left in the navigation-bar) and the new blog! Mindbender

2.1.08: Happy new year! wiki & forum maintainance scheduled on Saturday 5th Jan 07, 5 pm UTC
expected length 2 hours Mindbender