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17.11.08: Registration is now possible again!
You can now register in all forums/wikis/blogs at nas-central.org.

11.11.08: Back online! Sorry for the inconvenience
After the old server crashed it was needed to completely reinstall the OS on the virtual Xen instance because there was a risk that the old rootfs was compromised. Enjoy while we are bringing all services back online. Please don`t edit this wiki as there are obviously some plugins missing. We will keep you updated.

22.10.08: Infos about the Linkstation Quad (LS-QL)

10.10.08: Vanilla kernel + GenLink working on the LS-Mini
Installation is not easy, but it works :)

24.9.08: Optware feed confirmed to work on LS-LGL & LS-HGL
There is an easy fix for the DNS issues.

22.6.08: Lenny-armel*-Debian rootfs image for use/testing available LSPro and KuroPro

15.6.08: Guide: Install Debian lenny on your TS Pro II

18.5.08: Buffalo updated their GPL source repository

25.4.08: Info from Linkstation Mini
Its again based on a Marvell Orion SoC and acp_commander works.

21.4.08: 2.6.25 released - Support for Marvell Orion SoC`s now in the vanilla kernel

4.4.08: Pictures from the Kurobox Slim

28.3.08: Registration problems fixed.

27.3.08: We currently have registration problems in the forums and the wiki here.
We hope we can fix these problems soon.

19.3.08: Howto: Enable Debugmode in lsupdater.exe

Its the same for all lsupdater.exe for boxes in the arm9 range (LS Pro v1/v2 , LS Live v1/v2, Tera Pro v2, Tera Live)