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04.01.09: Happy New Year!
Unfortunately we have had set the wiki to logged in edits only temporarily until the current session of spamming stops. Sorry! If you need to register for this wiki remember to use the forum registration section to access it.

17.11.08: Registration is now possible again!
You can now register in all forums/wikis/blogs at nas-central.org.

11.11.08: Back online! Sorry for the inconvenience
After the old server crashed it was needed to completely reinstall the OS on the virtual Xen instance because there was a risk that the old rootfs was compromised. Enjoy while we are bringing all services back online. Please don`t edit this wiki as there are obviously some plugins missing. We will keep you updated.

22.10.08: Infos about the Linkstation Quad (LS-QL)

10.10.08: Vanilla kernel + GenLink working on the LS-Mini
Installation is not easy, but it works :)

24.9.08: Optware feed confirmed to work on LS-LGL & LS-HGL
There is an easy fix for the DNS issues.

22.6.08: Lenny-armel*-Debian rootfs image for use/testing available LSPro and KuroPro

15.6.08: Guide: Install Debian lenny on your TS Pro II

18.5.08: Buffalo updated their GPL source repository

25.4.08: Info from Linkstation Mini
Its again based on a Marvell Orion SoC and acp_commander works.

21.4.08: 2.6.25 released - Support for Marvell Orion SoC`s now in the vanilla kernel

4.4.08: Pictures from the Kurobox Slim

28.3.08: Registration problems fixed.

27.3.08: We currently have registration problems in the forums and the wiki here.
We hope we can fix these problems soon.

19.3.08: Howto: Enable Debugmode in lsupdater.exe

Its the same for all lsupdater.exe for boxes in the arm9 range (LS Pro v1/v2 , LS Live v1/v2, Tera Pro v2, Tera Live)